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  1. Futurenow

    Dash for Africa

    Hi guys I am in Durban. I think Dash Evolution will be great for our market. I have been using bitcoin and with the high transaction fees I think there are a few who like us would be interested in dash even before evolution comes. I am thinking of doing a meet up/ Crypto currency workshop...
  2. Futurenow

    Pre-proposal: Integrating Dash in African Exchange

    I'm from Durban in South Africa.
  3. Futurenow

    Pre-proposal: Integrating Dash in African Exchange

    As an African I think Bitcoin as it stands is not workable for Africa. But Dash is a Godsend. I have seen the work you guys have done in Zimbabwe even with handling your country's Reserve bank. What you are doing is going to pave a way for Dash adoption across the continent of Africa. A big...
  4. Futurenow

    Dash Mobile Apps

    Hi, Jaxx has added Dash on their iPhone app.
  5. Futurenow

    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Hello Dash Nation. I am from Durban, South Africa. Dash is the future. Peace.