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  1. recan86

    Dashcoin offline wallet generator

    Anyone know a good place to find a wallet generator that can be used offline? Just looking around and cant seem to find anything.
  2. recan86

    Just for kicks

    Here is the setup. I have a couple of old towers (windows based PC) that I want to use for fun. My question is... What is a good multipool/altcoing or even dash mining site that I can use? I want to just set and forget. I know electricity is something to worry about but this is just for kicks...
  3. recan86

    US Border Patrol Drones Hacked by Drug Cartels

    Well.. that didn't take long.
  4. recan86


    I guess when it comes to money it is always better to be safe rather than sorry. I mean it's totally common for the most basic user would know how to do this. I mean when I learned how to drive I also learned how to time the engine and take the fuses out of the car. Pretty simple really ...
  5. recan86


    How about a guide for Mac?
  6. recan86

    DRK iPhone wallet?

  7. recan86

    The World’s Email Encryption Software Relies on One Guy

    The updated article shows who jumped on the opportunity already. Linux, Stripe and Facebook to name a few. The guy is now getting at least 100k a year for this project.
  8. recan86

    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Welcome to the DRK friend. Please enjoy your stay. :)
  9. recan86

    Exchange and bank accounts

    Is there any exchanges out there that can link with virtual credit card/debit card? I want to be able to bank specifically with one bank and set it up on an exchange easily. Thus, making it easier for me to manage one amount. Is this possible? I would like to hear if there is a better alternative.
  10. recan86

    Jabber/ ICQ

    Haha. Well Test has been sent. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
  11. recan86

    WTS [ANN] www.DrkMN.com - Masternode Shares Now Available

    Whats the % in fees that goes to you ?
  12. recan86

    Jabber/ ICQ

    It seems like theres no "easy" way to setup Jabber ... any good ways to do this and still stay secure?Also does anyone want to start a PGP thread for practice?
  13. recan86


    How much trust can you put into people you don't know with your money? That's the question. Im with Lord Of The Internet on the mind set of making money. However, I am a little at ease when they did the google hangout Q&A and by at ease I mean I have a picture/video to show whomever is involved.
  14. recan86

    Jabber/ ICQ

    How "secure" are these ? Can you put them on usb ? Do they run with tails/linux ? Just curious..Maybe someone has a better way than what I've been trying to come up with.
  15. recan86

    Evan's InstantX Demo on YouTube

    Yes but open source is the principle on what all crypto is based. Would you have used anything crypto if somewhere in the white paper it said " this section not open source ...copyright...blah blah blah" Innovation starts with competition. This is why imo DRK exists. BTC was good and new and...
  16. recan86

    DRK now on ShapeShift ....>>

    Such a cool idea if it actually works..
  17. recan86

    Darksend Liquidity Provider - v0.10.16.3

    So what you just leave your coins in your wallet and it mixes itself? Does this take any settings adjustments?
  18. recan86

    What other altcoins are DRKcoiners into?

    Pretty sure there is a site that is vetted that will take crypto, fiat and even dark. It's in the list of places in the forum that accept dark.
  19. recan86

    GAW Cloud mining

    Update. Gotta say i was a skeptic but so far so good. Going to hit my initial investment soon and I couldn't be happier. Even Lord Of The Internet helped me a bit. It's nice once you get passed the different methods of navigation.