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  1. mineria virtual

    Fee - Lending program for Proposals (Dash Central & Dash Boost) by Mineria Virtual

    Hello Dash community, I stand before you as CEO of Mineria Virtual. As the founder of what is today one of the most important companies in Venezuela in terms of investment in cryptoactive with a growing community of more than 38k people. We believe in the project that Dash has as a...
  2. mineria virtual

    Pre-Proposal: Dash US Domestic Elite Cycling Team

    I like the proposal! it would be a different way to promote Dash but it can be effective:)
  3. mineria virtual

    CryptoLifeX --- VEF/ DASH--- DASH/ VEF EXCHANGE

    I like the idea. I hope you can start working very soon;)
  4. mineria virtual

    Webpage Stats - Feb 2018 - good info for MNO's

    interesting statistics thanks for your contribution
  5. mineria virtual

    Pre Proposal: Cannabis Genomic Blockchain on DASH: Phase 2

    excellent idea, I would like to see the project in action an interesting topic
  6. mineria virtual

    Dash Trip - Introducing Dash as a Payment Method in the Tourism Sector of Venezuela

    excellent proposal, Canaima National Park accepts tourists from all over the world, it would be very easy to adopt Dash.
  7. mineria virtual


    Hi Johnny! Thanks for your positive feedback. We are currently developing the proposal so this is great to know. We have started our project in Caracas Venezuela. You bring an important point forward, and we will consider this in our proposal development so that our intentions of expanding...
  8. mineria virtual

    Dash Maracay: Specialized Course for Merchants/Maracay-Venezuela

    I like the idea. Excellent project It is important to educate merchants and use dash as a means of payment
  9. mineria virtual

    Dash Medellín / Dash Colombia: 12 meetups, 250 new wallets, merchants, remittances & more

    excellent proposal. I like the idea of promoting the use of dash in Colombia as a means of payment
  10. mineria virtual


    Thanks for your input!! It would be great to talk since we would like to integrate Dash payments to our website, and one of the services we intend to give is the one on one advice on how to include Dash Payments for investors and businesses. Please shoot us an email at [email protected]...
  11. mineria virtual


    Thank you so much for your feedback and recommendations! This is very helpful information. We were not aware of these proposals. We have reviewed both, and we believe that we could certainly focus our Dash Clubs in a similar sense here in Venezuela with the existing community that is currently...
  12. mineria virtual


    Hello Arthyron. Thank you very much for your input. You have a great point. We appreciate your effort in giving us a new perspective, and letting us know about the trends in what MNOs have been voting for. We are looking to use Dash as the main cryptocurrency in our business. Since we are an...
  13. mineria virtual


    DASH TRADING CLUB PRE AND BUDGET PROPOSAL CURRENT STATUS AND INVESTMENTS Minería Virtual has been building a cryptocurrency community for two years. We have spent time and resources teaching people about this market in both the mining and trading areas. This cryptocurrency community built...
  14. mineria virtual

    DashForce Meetup & Presentation Program

    Summary of 4th Meetup Mineria Virtual for Dash Trading Club Meetup Invite: https://www.meetup.com/es-ES/Meetup-de-Inversiones-en-Caracas/events/251119667/ Place This meetup took place at a conference room located in the capital city Caracas in Venezuela. The setting had quality internet...
  15. mineria virtual


    Hello Marco, Thank you for your feedback! We are very excited to see members of the community show interest in our proposal! We agree. We would like to make the most out of the fact that Venezuelans are being introduced to Dash and that we have built a solid trading community through our...
  16. mineria virtual

    DashForce Meetup & Presentation Program

    We apoligize, here are the full addresses. XcPxiWqomKCQ2u3PtKkyPU4fwqZPEv3Esu Xmb8wKxL18c5bvc6vP9P4UV33be4Ccfpss XdnuhK9nCELpdN2x8U6JxnJ4Q3ckt1zqZZ Xp3HgH6b7sxdG1Wn881XN6rNEXiK7VKuBU XygqF1CXMQuBfQ5fAiyfEN3BR5dGea7on1 XwFMVtvV7YWXfxLTGUrXJr9Lr8pcZ3sCGP XrQRNcpzFFpNiEwWSD9DTCFqzEX1UPikl
  17. mineria virtual

    DashForce Meetup & Presentation Program

    Summary of 3rd Meetup Mineria Virtual for Dash Trading Club https://www.meetup.com/es-ES/Meetup-de-Inversiones-en-Caracas/events/249900862/?comment_table_id=490689908&comment_table_name=event_comment Place This meetup took place at one of the potential locations for establishing the first Dash...