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  1. marcofsportugal

    Number three!

    I guess we are going to fast... Its ok, fine, we are all profit... But slow down... After mn working fine, then hell yes... To the moon!!!
  2. marcofsportugal

    Big Whale?

    For short time my friend... 2 mnodes and then a small fish again ;)
  3. marcofsportugal

    Market predictions/speculation

    Been buying from 3 til 12... Oh God... What a day :rolleyes: Prices will be high til Mn. Êxit way? Who knows!? The moon would be great :D
  4. marcofsportugal

    best CPU miner for Linux and Intel CPUs

    Take a look in all this members configurations https://darkcointalk.org/threads/hashing-speeds.9/ and try to compare ;) I cant help you because i use W7
  5. marcofsportugal

    Afinal quantos somos?

    :p "Prefiro ter moedas e transacções anónimas do eu próprio ser anónimo" Autor conhecido...eu :)
  6. marcofsportugal

    Big Whale?

    Ahaha I'm a wale! :D
  7. marcofsportugal

    Lets make a Wall @ 0.020...hold ...and then...

    Guys, put your sell orders @ 0,020 to put the price high! Then remove it and put it @ 0,025... Dont let the price fall. We must have a better price than the LTC! Im tired to be manipulated, lets go all manipulate our market to worth something! We all spend electricity and hardware! Its fair enough!
  8. marcofsportugal

    Market cap rising

    Where/how can you see that order?
  9. marcofsportugal

    Market cap rising

    No it wont! As LTC price remains in that shitty price (manipulated by the hardware makers and markets wolfs) we should put the price @ same level of LTC (~0,23) to scare those bitches who are playng with all the people who was spend a lot of money to contribuite to cryptocurencies and they...
  10. marcofsportugal

    The future

    When we thought that asics killed the scrypt market too, here it is! An excellent alternative! Long life to DRKcoin ant x11...less power consuption...and finally one coin with price that adjusts itself to our needs. Go high Drk!
  11. marcofsportugal

    3k difficulty and 6k+ volume

    I must disagree.... I guess this race happens because of two factors: 1st - Achivment of 1000DRK for masternodes 2nd - People are tired of scrypt because they can do #hit with LTC/BTC basead prices... and also cant sell the gpu's. Drk coin (x11) is an execellent opportunity to return the...
  12. marcofsportugal

    Keep the DRK price high!

    Dont let the foxes get it and steal our chickens! Just my 5 cents...:confused:
  13. marcofsportugal

    Suggestion - Darkcointalk Pool with PPS payment method...

    In order to increase the miners numbers AND pool hasrate, why not a Pay Per Share (PPS) method with 4% fee per share + 1%pool fee? I guess it would be the first pool to use this metod... Why not? Techical problems? Afraid to loss? Too risky? ;)
  14. marcofsportugal

    Is drkpool.com down?

    Ahahah...Siga! Amanha mais 6.000 a bombar :D
  15. marcofsportugal

    Is drkpool.com down?

    Don't worry! I'll wait... Keep your good work! ;)
  16. marcofsportugal


    English - > Portuguese if you need! World's Language N.5 (Like Mambo lel ) Fact: >258 Millions of people in the world speaks portuguese :rolleyes: Brasil201 009 622 Moçambique24 096 669 Angola18 565 269 Portugal10 799 270 Guiné-Bissau1 660 870 Timor-Leste1 172 390 Macau583 003 Cabo...
  17. marcofsportugal

    Is drkpool.com down?

    Glad to see this pool increasing its global hashrate in only a few hours :D Well done!
  18. marcofsportugal

    Hashing Speeds

    GPU MINING Graphics card: GIGABYTE R9 280X WindForce 3X OC Mining Software: phm-sgminer v4.1.0 on Windows7/Professional Hash Speed: 2.105 Kh/s Avg. temp: ~58ºC CONF. File: "intensity" : "13", "worksize" : "400", "kernel" : "darkcoin", "lookup-gap" : "2", "thread-concurrency" : "8193"...
  19. marcofsportugal

    Is drkpool.com down?

    No problem! I'll wait for my 1st account confirmation (i'v send an email with my user ID). Hashes are already burning in my Darkcointalk pool account :p and increasing 16,013.65 KHs Thank u all for you support!
  20. marcofsportugal

    Is drkpool.com down?

    Okay, Propulsion! I will pointing ~18.000khs... but... i have a problem... http://mining.darkcointalk.org/ do not send me a verification link in order to complete my registration... I guess your are admin.... I will send an email. Thank you for your reply