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  1. kAzeN

    Pre-Proposal - DASH FAQ's, Documentation and Web - Professional localization to other languages

    Hey Dash-ers, I've already proposed similar offer for Evolution Wallet below. However, to be a world-wide service, we should have our Web page, FAQ's and mainly Documentation localized to at least the main languages (FIGS, Asian Region, etc.). I browsed the Official Documentation page and...
  2. kAzeN

    Pre-Proposal - Evolution Wallet - Professional localization to other languages

    Hi Dash-ers, With upcoming release of Evolution Wallet, I would like to offer myself to source localization for Dash Wallet with Keywords Studios (where I'm currently employed but in different dept.). If Dash/ Evolution would like to be really adopted world-wide, the localization on...
  3. kAzeN

    100x free Dash T-shirts & Dash mascotte, Dublin's (1st) Dash only merch shop - Proposal Suggestion

    Hey Dash-ers :), I would like to make a proposal for a small project, which can potentially have 2 parts, but all 2 parts are independent to each other. The actual proposal would be only for the part/s with positive feedback. 1) 100x Free T-shirts This part of the project is very simple...
  4. kAzeN

    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    yes, one of the best I've seen today :)
  5. kAzeN

    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Hi everyone :) how are you today? :)