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  1. Thoth3g

    15GH/s miner

    P2Pool? Wow, nice....so it looks like i have a very local pool on this one. I won't have my units until Nov but I will look forward to joining the pool. Thanks for the advice. Please anyone using this pool give feedback. I have a LTC machine coming in late Sept or early Oct. I need to find one...
  2. Thoth3g

    In July 2017 what DASH mining pool is best and its fees

    Looks like the first batch of ASIC's have been out for a couple months now right? (are you talking ANTMINER D3 15GH/s?) Any feedback to give on pools yet?
  3. Thoth3g

    15GH/s miner

    I am completely new to mining Dash but I just bought a presale: Antminer D3 15Ghz I paid double what it originally sold for but it came with a power supply (haha, yes I've lost my mind) I've been told that I need an account with a mining pool. What's the best pool for one of these??? Any links...