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  1. miningpoolhub

    v0.11.0 - Darkcoin Core Release

    The main problem is that we don't know what the actual bug is. Just guessing that it's related to compatibility issue, but that's not enough to fix.
  2. miningpoolhub

    Forking Megathread

    What is the block hash for 207179 and 207193? My three daemons are all at 207199 now. darkcoind getblockhash 207179 000000000000d71a958d25f17dac0dc4bfcea41343c58960c0ca03679ba4865d darkcoind getblockhash 207193 00000000000ec2f21ac8d4f4b1d4ba431621ead7fd4a1af28b33319b27014fe3
  3. miningpoolhub

    RC3 Relaunch Strategy and Testing

    Good idea. How will the enforce mode will be triggered? Will you announce and every wallet owners enforce at the same time? Or is it automatically triggered from central server?
  4. miningpoolhub

    RC3: Hard Fork on June 20th!

    tested on testnet, and it works well only by changing reward value. I didn't need to change other codes. Thanks.
  5. miningpoolhub

    RC3: Hard Fork on June 20th!

    Recent commit seems related to https://github.com/darkcoinproject/darkcoin/pull/2 pull request. Do we have to change NOMP for RC3? Here are detailed commit log for similar line. https://github.com/zone117x/darkcoin/commit/745ee6e3761ac32d93201d4e30553c5a95e3b955...
  6. miningpoolhub

    v0.10.6.x RC2 Testing With Pool Support

    How can I confirm that new stratum (NOMP) works well on RC2. I could find the block but, couldn't check masternode payout transactions info in block explorer ( testnet block explorer is not working now) If I find a block on testnet, is it enough for...
  7. miningpoolhub

    RC2 Hard Fork on May 14th!

    I was concerned about RC2 not working with old pool software which doesn't know anything about masternode. Thanks for answering.
  8. miningpoolhub

    RC2 Hard Fork on May 14th!

    Is it okay to run RC2 version before the hardfork for pools? It may sound silly since it must run smoothly between the hardfork, but just asking for sure.
  9. miningpoolhub

    RC2 Hard Fork on May 14th!

    I thought DarkSend was already opensourced from RC2. Thanks.
  10. miningpoolhub

    RC2 Hard Fork on May 14th!

    Now I can understand it. Thanks a lot!
  11. miningpoolhub

    RC2 Hard Fork on May 14th!

    Can you clarify what this mean? -> (Without DarkSend. For pool operators and anyone else that wants to compile from opensource): Why pool operators have to use without Darksend version? What is the different between with DarkSend and without DarkSend. With DarkSend version -> send all coins in...
  12. miningpoolhub

    Darkcoin Mining Pool Hub

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