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  1. falsealarm_bf

    Losing faith in DRK

    JGCMiner, where in my post did I say I was disappointed because what "I wanted" was not happening? I listed past past progress and complained about the lack of it due to some bad decision making. And where do you come up with this "unfinished" product argument? This is not a dining room table...
  2. falsealarm_bf

    Losing faith in DRK

    I can't believe we are back to discussing the same topics/issues that were previously discussed and supposedly resolved months ago. Communication plans, roles and responsibilities, paid positions, etc. were all, though unofficially, discussed, decided on and contributed towards by the Core Team...
  3. falsealarm_bf

    [XPOOL.CA][Multipool] x11 | sha256 | scrypt | lyra2REv2 - KNC Titans, Large GPUs & Nicehash support

    Where do you think your pool stands from a profitability point of view though? Is it on par with any multipool out there on Poolpicker.eu? I always have a hard time deciphering per MH profitability statistics looking at the sites.
  4. falsealarm_bf

    [XPOOL.CA][Multipool] x11 | sha256 | scrypt | lyra2REv2 - KNC Titans, Large GPUs & Nicehash support

    Can you get yourself added to PoolPicker? It would help a lot in publicity.
  5. falsealarm_bf

    Master-node setup guide for your NORMAL VPS v1.0 WORK IN PROGRESS !

    Can you provide this for Centos 6.5 minimal? It would be greatly appreciated as there is a need to document hardening steps for Linux based on Centos 6.5 Minimal but it does not currently seem to compile with errors.
  6. falsealarm_bf

    Masternode Payments and Beyond

    I've shared my background information in the past. I have over 15 years of experience in end-to-end Enterprise grade SDLC. I have extensive software development and infrastructure experience, and would be happy to contribute where ever I can. The problem however, I see, is that Darkcoin needs an...