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  1. Paws

    Darksend Rebranding Discussion

    Or simply Silent Send (SS), Most Latin based languages share this root description of knowing Silent as not having a presence. Many of the Japanese students learning English know what being "silent" is, pretty much every person can figure out the opposite. Or more straight forward "No Trace"...
  2. Paws

    DASH video-bank

    I made one kind of a long time ago and never finished editing out the watermarks, got kinda busy.
  3. Paws

    Has anyone thought about contacting a celebrity to become the face of Dash?

    I like the idea but at the same time I have lost interest in many brands because of something the sponsored said or did. Take for example the ex-subway guy Jared, I associated him as a Subway representative and while I do have enough initiative to separate idols from a business, many people...
  4. Paws

    (SOLVED)Solo Mining

    Right on; I spread it between 5 area's and did 100MH/s on each node that reported a different block, and this didn't really work. So I put the 1GH on a PPS and it yielded almost twice as much but it took nearly 3 days to pay out everything, even on blocks that I didn't mine on, it essentially...
  5. Paws

    Dash Image/Graphic competition !

    nice, I will see if I can get it better edited by then.
  6. Paws

    Dash Image/Graphic competition !

    Sorry, I didn't have much time to edit it, I just made a video, not sure if that counts but it was fun either way! Busy week so I apologize! I suppose if it was only for images then this is roughly 30 images a second :wink: I pretty much call this incomplete but it's all I had time for, some of...
  7. Paws

    Dash Image/Graphic competition !

    Dang i'm not gonna make it, I still have some editing to do and work tomorrow ;; I just started it today because I just saw it today haha
  8. Paws

    [XPOOL.CA][Multipool] x11 | sha256 | scrypt | lyra2REv2 - KNC Titans, Large GPUs & Nicehash support

    I assume these break downs mean 10 Dash was mined in total by miners but where does the 36.215 Dash come from?
  9. Paws

    P2Pool [12.03.03] p2poolmining.us - Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Piscataway, Seattle, San Jose

    Dash03 Chicago pool has been dead since 4:27PM CST 8/19/15
  10. Paws

    Improving the pool distribution idea

    By that logic, wouldn't you be able to hire cloud mining for a day or so to your address and suddenly you would be penalized for power you purchased? Sort of like buying a lottery ticket for $5, winning $10 and being taxed $5 for winning by the tickets rules? There is money to be made in buying...
  11. Paws

    (SOLVED)Solo Mining

    If I had access to 1TH I might have a masternode by now haha
  12. Paws

    (SOLVED)Solo Mining

    Yes, I actually mentioned this to flare aswell, within 10 minutes the difficulty makes large swings and incredibly fast (most of the time it has been mined 5 minutes before block explorers/pools update) I watched it go from 1900 difficulty and 7.4 payout to 3300/4.5 in half an hour, an hour...
  13. Paws

    (SOLVED)Solo Mining

    You are right! 1 GH! Sorry!
  14. Paws

    (SOLVED)Solo Mining

    Sent PM, let me know what you think. I'm probably doing it wrong haha
  15. Paws

    (SOLVED)Solo Mining

    I look forward to it!
  16. Paws

    (SOLVED)Solo Mining

    Thanks for the replies, the main reason I was trying is because I have the ability to burst mine x11 at about 1,000,000 Kh/s (1TH), for no more than maybe an hour due to many reason I can't quite explain (yet, mainly because I don't understand it completely). After this hour on a P2Pool My...
  17. Paws

    (SOLVED)Solo Mining

    I understand, thank you!
  18. Paws

    (SOLVED)Solo Mining

    I have never tried solo mining but following some guides and other threads, I can't seem to get it to work. I am using CCMiner, I changed the Dash.conf file to 1.rpcuser=wallet address 2.rpcpassword=something random 3.daemon=1 4.server=1 5.listen=1 I put this same information into...
  19. Paws

    noob miner need help and guidance

    If you mine on NiceHash consider using the string --diff 2 and mining Quark (Twice the speed for the same payout per GH as X11) they have a strangely high stratum difficulty after a few minutes, probably to deter single thread floating point submissions (quad core = 16 FP submissions) you will...
  20. Paws

    V12 Release

    Yeah as of my post it says "Up to date Processed 320080" and that synchronizing budgets is showing like it's stuck at 93%. I moved my Dash to a pool wallet before I upgraded and had a remaining 0.05 which doesn't appear, I ran a small amount of P2pool mining directly to the wallet to see if...