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  1. Harish Ramkumar

    [Guide] What is Dash a complete guide on Dash for Beginners

    Hello fellow members, I have written a detailed blog post on Dash - Altcoin. I would like to get review and/ or feedback from you all. I have started with Dash as a cryptocurrency, then how and why Dash is popular, then moved on to Dash Features. Finally gave information on Dash Mining and...
  2. Harish Ramkumar

    How to Buy Dash - Video Guides

    How to buy Dash in India? We have ZebPay to buy bitcoins. Any exchange that allow Dash? Thanks!
  3. Harish Ramkumar

    Dash Mining - What is InstantX?

    InstantX stands for "instantaneous transactions" and is the technology that enables transactions to be fully confirmed in only four seconds. InstantX utilizes the 2nd rate of the Dash network (Masternodes) to generate a "lock" once a deal is produced on the network. The DASH involved in that...
  4. Harish Ramkumar

    Crypto-News - Dash is moving down though Bitcoin and Litecoin are Up

    For the last couple of days, the Dash price is going down, though Bitcoin and Litcoin have been fluctuating heavily. Last month, the Dash cost was $200. It progressively increased throughout the weeks that followed, ultimately punching with $300 on August 20. It hovered around the $300 degree...
  5. Harish Ramkumar

    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Hello Everyone, I am Harish and I joined this forum newly. I am fascinated about the cryptocurrencies and joined the Dash forum to lean more. Thanks