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  1. sasababy

    Dash Economics Discussion Series

    If you pursue price stability in order to facilitate payment, imitating MKR is the best doctrine. Mortgage dash, generate a stable version of dash, and implement it using protocol-level methods.
  2. sasababy

    Pre-proposal: Dash Core Group fiat guarantee losses reimbursement

    The core can establish special guarantee funds. If it is guaranteed that the project is denominated in the legal currency and the price rises in multiple cycles, these additional benefits will be included in the fund project to compensate for price declines in other circumstances over a number...
  3. sasababy

    DASH community in Japan

    Japan has the world’s most advanced network of self-service vending machines. If you can incorporate a dash payment system will bring great changes。Is it possible to consider contacting those manufacturers about sprinting?
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    The situation in Japan

    こんにちは、あなたは日本に多くの地元のスプリントを持っていますか? 誰もが協力して、レギュレータがどのようにダッシュを理解するかを変更することができます。
  6. sasababy

    火币平台(huobi.pro)真是坑,毫无信誉.it's a scam.

    alexy人不错,应该不至于和火币勾结,如果真的是平台本身无诚信的话,那么和之前的那个dash卡提案一样,失去了社区的信任,不过我觉得MN提案系统在管理上有一点缺陷,就是无法保证得到主节点通过的提案所有者能完成提案要求,缺乏制度上的制约,只能靠提案人的诚信。这个漏洞很大。不知道dash core在这方面有什么解决方案.
  7. sasababy

    Is a 30-day average appropriate for proposals?

    The best way to do this is to take a hosting service if the proposal exceeds a certain amount. The hosting service provider supports the proposal with DASH corresponding to the U.S. dollar exchange rate. For example, more than 200 DASHs must be in a hosted mode.
  8. sasababy

    A proposal now costs over $3,000

    If approved, the proposal can be reimbursed....this can effectively prevent excessive fraud suggestions..
  9. sasababy

    Pre-proposal: Let millions of Chinese investors on Huobi invest Dash

    Please set aside differences,liquidity is an important indicator of DASH,more shelf space means there is a better environment for sprint development.
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    Chinese “CERT” report

    This institution lacks neutrality, has a government background, and the Chinese government is not friendly to the encrypted currency.
  12. sasababy

    Proposal Evaluation Committee

    Or you can build a website to categorize the recommendations for each month and give the scores for each proposal so that the master node administrator can refer
  13. sasababy

    Proposal Evaluation Committee

    There is the easiest way,Directly marked on the post of the funded proposal,Unfinished annotation is in progress,Completed the markup for success,So that for unfinished projects, because of the special markings, will be node operators concerned about the progress of the project, and not because...
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    Pre-Proposal: China and Dash Investment

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