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  1. l3sny

    Android wallet - problem with PIN

    Hi I have not used my android wallet for a while and today I have discovered that it was protected by a PIN. i transferred the keys to another mobile but again it was asking for the PIN. I do not remember setting the PIN and I tried all the PINs that I remembered but with no effect. Can someone...
  2. l3sny

    OMG Bitfinex stop Dash Trading

    From the business point it is a wrong decision for few reasons. First because bitfinex has lost the opportunity to make more money in fees in the case of significant increase of the capitalization/volume of the Dash market. Second is that some Dash users who are also BTC/LTC users may simply...
  3. l3sny

    Ogólna dyskusja

    Tylko Cryptsy na tę chwilę aczkolwiek finex działa jeszczeprzez 3 tygodnie.
  4. l3sny

    Darkcoin Worldwide Polish translator(s)

    Count me in.
  5. l3sny

    OMG Bitfinex stop Dash Trading

    The exchange that takes Dash after bitfinex may benefit as even this small volume has to go somewhere. People are already asking to recommend them a good USD/Dash exchange. The trick is to transform a negative situation into a positive outcome :)
  6. l3sny

    OMG Bitfinex stop Dash Trading

    Ok flare I got your point. We need a good Dash/USD exchange indeed.
  7. l3sny

    OMG Bitfinex stop Dash Trading

    Basically I think people are rather buying Dash for BTC. Why bother with low fiat volume?
  8. l3sny

    OMG Bitfinex stop Dash Trading

    sure, run like hell in the hamster wheel to please the owners of bitfinex ;)
  9. l3sny

    OMG Bitfinex stop Dash Trading

    I think there is something weird with this bitfinex thing... On the 06/08/15 they announce Dash is out. Next day they announce that due to bitlicense requirements NY based clients are out as well. Just wondering if bitfinex was under pressure to make that decision on Dash because as we know it...
  10. l3sny

    OMG Bitfinex stop Dash Trading

    I have posted it elsewhere a moment ago but this is the right thread: Shame... Posted: June 02, 2014 14:00 We are pleased to announce that Darkcoin will be available to trade on the Bitfinex platform starting at 6PM CET. It is rare for us to add new trading products, but we believe that the...
  11. l3sny

    HarmonyVibe is accepting BTC LTC and DASH

    A kind of New Age stuff for enthusiasts of alternative energies and well being. harmonyvibe.com
  12. l3sny

    №1 - DASH - an assessment of investment potential

    Great job. I am in.
  13. l3sny

    Pasywny dochód dzięki utrzymywaniu masternoda na Raspberry Pi

    Sure. Ale to wydatek 1000 dash oprócz paru dolców na raspberry.