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  1. FiorSirtheoir


    New or Used makes no difference to me.
  2. FiorSirtheoir

    Ubuntu CPU miner set up?

    New to ubuntu any have a good guild to installing the 1.3 cpu miner for ubuntu?
  3. FiorSirtheoir


    So were are the best places to look for cpu gpu hareware, not including newegg of tiger direct.
  4. FiorSirtheoir

    Is there a working pool software for darkcoin?

    http://darckcoin.mine.nu/ here is a pool. For solo you will have to configure your local host for each machine QT seems to take some processing power of itself, so I would set one up to run the server QT then tie the others together.
  5. FiorSirtheoir

    Is there a working pool software for darkcoin?

    You can set up multiple for solo
  6. FiorSirtheoir

    Mining Pools

    So what are the best pools for DRK. Been using Dark.SuchPool but it seems my valid shares, according to the miner, do not match up with my dashboard. Is a prop system so I am not sure what is going on there.
  7. FiorSirtheoir

    Mining Hardware Comparison

    Nvidia rigs are not compatible with the SGminer, it will not work, and Cudaminer has not been adapted for X11 as of yet.
  8. FiorSirtheoir


    Hello all pretty new to crypo, but learning all I can. Find DRK quite interesting from all I have read. I hope it will do what I think it will.