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  1. DCT

    DarkcoinTalk is moving this week!

    If anyone could provide me with the updated Dash logo with "Talk" underneath it and a clear background in a png format with the permission to use on this site I'd highly appreciate it! Thanks!
  2. DCT

    DarkcoinTalk is moving this week!

    Shouldn't have any errors. If in fact you do have an error please let me know.
  3. DCT

    DarkcoinTalk is moving this week!

    Will start the transition today at 11:00AM UTC. They will all be kept. Just one redirect. It will allow all the links to redirect as well as the home page.
  4. DCT

    DarkcoinTalk is moving this week!

    This week, DarkcoinTalk will cease to exist. It will instead be moved to http://DashTalk.org <--Really will be https but it takes ages for MX records to propogate to recieve an email for validation of a new ssl certificate. If you try to go to DCT, you'll automatically be redirected to the...
  5. DCT

    One Year Forum Statistics

    It's been one year that this forum has been active. jpr has asked for some statistics so here they are.
  6. DCT

    MPOS DarkcoinTalk's Official Pool Thread!

    Maintenance has been completed. http://mining.darkcointalk.org
  7. DCT

    MPOS DarkcoinTalk's Official Pool Thread!

    A mandatory host provider update will be performed in an hour today on the pool servers. Since there are multiple servers for the mining pool and all of them are required for everything to work, downtime will be longer than two hours all the way to possibly four. Once the maintenance is...
  8. DCT

    Electrum Dark

    Really do need a picture to see. Also please use the forum feedback forum. I'll try to get a FQDM electrum darkcoin server running before the end of today. (my time) Note: there is neither a daemon/wallet or an electrum client running on this server itself.
  9. DCT

    Confirmed Illegitimate Darkcoin Sites

    This thread is for all sites that are known to be scam and illegitimate Darkcoin websites and merchants.
  10. DCT

    DarkcoinTalk's Policy on Alternative Cryptocurrencies

    Behind the scenes the moderators and developers have had a discussion on how this forum should approach alternative cryptocurrencies. We've decided that they will be allowed with exceptions and rules in place. Alternative cryptocurrencies will be limited to the altcoin section. There will...
  11. DCT

    May I make a post to give away Spreadcoin in exchange for masternode testing?

    yidakee The gorilla doesn't come across as civil. Yet it doesn't break any rules. It's not an image of pornography or drug use. I'm not going to censor or modify his original post. For all anyone knows Spreadcoin might be a flash in the pan. The OP made two posts: one asking if it was ok to...