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  1. qrpnxz

    Dash Core Group Q4 Quarterly Call - 04.02.2021

    A month ago I asked in #dcg-questions whether there existed, or there were plans to make, a service that gave you a plastic card you could spend DASH with. Any news?
  2. qrpnxz

    Renaming PrivateSend Discussion - In response to the 2020 Q4 Conference Call

    I don't like ProtectSend, SecureSend, or variations because they imply that regular send is not secure. "But I meant protect privacy!" Okay, but that's not clear. I also like the idea of just having an option in the regular send tab that says "use mixed coins only" or the like. Regular send...
  3. qrpnxz

    Dash Core Group Q4 Quarterly Call - 04.02.2021

    On Discord it reads "Submit your questions for DCG Q4 Quarterly Call" is this just a lie or what are you getting at?
  4. qrpnxz

    Dash Core Group Q4 Quarterly Call - 04.02.2021

    Estimate on when and where will DCG Q&A from the Discord that weren't answered in the call will be posted?
  5. qrpnxz

    Dash Unit Denominations and Display

    Someone sent me this reply Ryan wrote on the topic in 2017: As expected :)
  6. qrpnxz

    Dash Unit Denominations and Display

    Starting a forum post because strophy wants some of the conversations on Discord to be more permanent and I agree :) Someone posted this essay on changing what "DASH" (unit) means to have a better psychological punch: github.com/riongull/notes/blob/master/dash_unit_denominations.md (Can't...
  7. qrpnxz

    Trezor Collateral

    Can a Trezor hold the 1000 DASH collateral and be used with a running masternode? How would this be achieved?
  8. qrpnxz

    Slack Tipbot And Community Engagement

    The Dash Slack is 100% an integral part of the community. It is incredibly inclusive and promotes large trade if DASH tipping. Very, very active.