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  1. Robinst

    Do fully private browser really exist?

    Guys, have you heard of a new Idyll browser that is mentioned like a better version of Tor? As I've checked it's a part of an ecosystem called Utopia and any website created there can't be accessed from any other browser. Moreover as the soft is decentralized and p2p with a high encryption level...
  2. Robinst


    nice pic XD I think it shows everything without words
  3. Robinst


    I've found a new soft which will suit all the businessman who don't want to lose the correspondence and have a safe communication. Check Utopia it has mail, messenger, channels, built-in browser, crypto and many other functions in one app. It's absolutely free to use and you can even earn with it.
  4. Robinst

    The worst messenger ever!

    Yo guys! I've just checked the latest news and decided to share with you as we've spent a long time here discussing different messengers. Something new was announced called Utopia and they promise to have the most secured messenger ever. It sounds like something new and I want to try it (there's...
  5. Robinst

    Bitmain slows down

    I didn't find any best option for cloud mining though I can't see good profit rather than crypto trading.
  6. Robinst

    Bitmain slows down

    Mining is not the best decision right now. As we all can see the crypto rates are still too low to earn something on it and the electricity bills become more and more expensive. I'm sure that all miners who continue to do that are only losing now. It will be more profitable when the rates will...
  7. Robinst

    Crypto transaction record

    According to Cointelegraph in 2018 a record was reached in the number of transactions on different crypto exchanges. At the same time it's said that 2019 is supposed to be even lower than 2017 was. It's clear as the first half of the year was quite positive for everyone and then a mass panic...
  8. Robinst

    Goodbye, Hangouts

    So what's the problem of sending doc links through any messenger? As I know Google drive continues to work and you can continue using online docs.
  9. Robinst

    Goodbye, Hangouts

    A good replacement for it is any messenger. There are already so many of them that you can choose the most suitable one for you. The most popular are Telegram and WhatsApp. Also there are more secured ones like e-Chat or Adamant. It's very easy to use and you'll be always in touch with your...
  10. Robinst

    Reviews of new coins

    I think the best way is to check crypto connected forums and Telegram groups. It's hard to find everything on your own and some people that do researches share their opinion and knowledge about some new things.
  11. Robinst


    It seems to me that people are only speaking about privacy and there' none of it. I'm looking for totally private services to use and I'm not sure that some of them provide real privacy. Do you know any?
  12. Robinst

    UK Bans End-to-End Encryption, Mandates Government Authority Over Encrypted Technologies

    What is happening to this world? It was nothing strange for me when I saw news about Russia that wants to have an access to all internet users' data. But UK? Why? Most of the messengers now have e2e encryption and what people should use there? They will do even worse - people will use totally...
  13. Robinst

    Mysterium VPN powered by Blockchain

    It seems that in few days everything will be based on blockchain.. Can you explain me what is the difference between a simple VPN and VPN based on blockchain?
  14. Robinst

    How to Secure your Crypto Exchange account with 2FA Keys

    Will it really save me from hackers? I think it's still not a total security. Maybe I'm mistaken.. Can you tell me more about it, please?
  15. Robinst

    How To See If Your VPN Is Leaking Your IP Address (And How To Stop It)

    Thanks. I'll share my experience with you after some time will pass. Hope it will be good and will meet all my requirements.
  16. Robinst

    The worst messenger ever!

    Haha :) How could someone like Marc produce such shit like Facebook messenger? I liked Facebook like social network until they ruined everything. If you like to be watched - welcome to facebook :)
  17. Robinst

    The worst messenger ever!

    I started to use e-Chat and for now I'm totally pleased with that.
  18. Robinst

    The worst messenger ever!

    I advice you to try something based on blockchain and what uses E2E encryption. I don't know what may be safer.
  19. Robinst

    The worst messenger ever!

    We have to believe in something at least. So many people are afraid of using something new and probably good that they continue using Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Skype and complain about its instability :)
  20. Robinst

    The worst messenger ever!

    I don't know the exact processes.. I mean how can we know that data was really erased not only from phone, but from a server also.. Does it have an open source code?