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  1. meekee

    Dash Electrum - v0.2.4.1 - support

    OSX 10.9.5 Issue Creating New, Standard Wallet. Cannot get past retype seed screen. Cursor doesnt type on the retype seed screen to confirm seed.. Right clicking on the first seed screen or following retype seed screen causes a crash. Seems to happen on other types of New Wallet options as...
  2. meekee

    Dash Electrum Release - v0.2.4.1

    Is there a support thread open for this release to drop some issues, dont want to flood this thread.. :)
  3. meekee

    Dash Electrum Release - v0.2.4.1

    Nice work.. Anyone tried on OSX 10.9x yet?
  4. meekee

    Check out my new t-shirt.

    Nice.. Can i buy one with dash? :)
  5. meekee

    Australian Banks to Close Bitcoin Companies’ Accounts

    Maybe some light at the end of the tunnel... ACCC considers inquiry into banks' Bitcoin bans "The competition watchdog is considering an inquiry into the actions of Australian banks for shutting down accounts of local bitcoin operators, after being contacted by Queensland Nationals Senator...
  6. meekee

    Australian Banks to Close Bitcoin Companies’ Accounts

    Absolute bullshit! Very disappointed.. I thought that we had a government that was ready to embrace the future.... Dammit!
  7. meekee

    Opening OTC Trading To Community

    I'm happy to get involved, keep me posted if i can be of any assistance.
  8. meekee

    BUDGET PROPOSAL - DashWisdom

    Tao, I think its a great idea mate and i think it is something i and many others would use on a daily basis