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  1. CrisRock

    Pre-proposal: Dash conference - Venezuela

    On June 16 we held our 9th conference and we had the participation of Rodrigo Ambrissi who documented the adoption process that is taking us to Venezuela, in this video we can see some of the images of his visit...
  2. CrisRock

    Pre-proposal: Dash conference - Venezuela

    Dash Venezuela and Dash Brasil in Globovision Tecnología, with Dereck Blanco, a well respected reported in the most important news network in our country. Youtube link:
  3. CrisRock

    Welcome Ernesto Contreras - Regional Manager Latin America (LATAM)

    Bienvenido a la Comunidad Ernesto. Saludos desde Venezuela
  4. CrisRock

    DASH Venezuela

    Hi friends You can join our live Dash Maracay conference through the following link
  5. CrisRock

    DASH – FIAT gateway proposal

    Hello. This Pre proposal is still Active?