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  1. Doofershmirtz

    Does Dash tends to value?

    I also believe a lot in the DASH project, and all depend on this community and the excellent work that everyone has done to enhance the DASH, but soon we will have a greater valorization of DASH else or maybe even at the same level as bitcoin
  2. Doofershmirtz

    How to build bitcoin site

    Você precisa ter pessoas competentes que trabalham com ele. Eu não sei onde você pode encontrar mais informações sobre blockchaim, mas no futuro eu me vejo fazendo a mesma pergunta. Se você desenvolver alguma coisa, eu estaria interessado em seguir.
  3. Doofershmirtz

    Dash Business

    Excellent news. If all goes well, we may soon have ATM available for DASH in remote points, and certainly so will increase the use of DASH. One question remains in the air, and if anyone knows answer It would cost on average an ATM DASH?
  4. Doofershmirtz

    Divulgação Dash Cards

    excellent job.
  5. Doofershmirtz

    Listing of PR Outlets Portuguese

    soon will DASH win a new information channel in Portuguese, dedicated to African Countries of Portuguese Language.
  6. Doofershmirtz

    Donation Africa

    you could understand my project or need more help? Kwanza to any other currency is a sacrifice, but any other currency for Dollars or euro is already easier. So, in short, my goal is to make the DASH the alternative currency to the dollar, with national and free of government inflation...
  7. Doofershmirtz

    Donation Africa

    I'm not one to ask for help or my own brother, and hardly accept help from anyone. Anyway, thanks for the support But in this case, the request for support so was made to be talking to more community interested in supporting the disclosure of DASH, the very community of creators. You can call...
  8. Doofershmirtz

    Donation Africa

    Hello I requested money to the bank directly to a director friend of mine, and follows the same response: "Dear Good day.; What I understand, the purchase currency (note) is forbidden access. Therefore, the only access is transfer of foreign currency abroad. Therefore, there is a set of...
  9. Doofershmirtz

    Donation Africa

    greetings I'm talking about Angola, and more detail I explained in the message below. To answer your question, after the donation, I intend to use this fund to explain people how the currency would work and test with them how each Operating payment, or even backing up. Conquered the User's...
  10. Doofershmirtz

    Donation Africa

    Angola for now, but my interest this on any African country of Portuguese official language
  11. Doofershmirtz

    Donation Africa

    Studio, Angola! Have you ever talked to me several times in the telegram, iX, and I was wondering where and how to buy DASH, and explaining also my idea of using DASH as an alternative currency here. My brother goes to Portugal today, but the application of Dollars had to be done more than...
  12. Doofershmirtz

    Donation Africa

    greetings Really the opportunity and current circumstances are good to explore, and who help me now, it will be certainly the closest contact for future Business in Dash. Already explained in the previous message, that if it were not for the financial problem of Angola, myself already have...
  13. Doofershmirtz

    Donation Africa

    Hello JC. You are correct about who I am, we have spoken by Telegram Yes, and as you already noticed, I want to dedicate myself to this project and boost the use of DASH in Angola yes. Thank you for also exclarecido for community really Angola without this market to exchange Kwanzas in any...
  14. Doofershmirtz

    Donation Africa

    Hello everyone (If I do not to post here, please delete this post) This is not a false those request by email for humanitarian aid in Africa, with rewards of thousands of dollars of the daughter of former dictator billionaire. I'm really in Africa, and because of our financial crisis, I see...
  15. Doofershmirtz

    DASH Africa Portuguese TELEGRAM

    Ola, Fale com Utilizadores DASH paises africanos de lingua oficial Portuguesa, e aumenta seus contactos e possibilidade de negociar https://telegram.me/joinchat/Co01VD97BR8KIKJ3tIK4jw Aguardo por todos