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  1. mariago

    Contact PEC (Proposal Evaluation Committee)

    Hi there! I am trying to reach @Biltong, a member of the PEC by PM but there is no way to be able to send the message to that recipient. Could anybody help me out with this? He is supposed to be Active but the system says "You may not start a conversation with the following recipients...
  2. mariago

    White papers on transifex

    Hi guys, I am quite new in the forum and wanted to know more about the translations you are working on nowadays. I would love to help you out! Also, I would really appreciate if anybody could explain me how tx works. I've been doing some research but I am kind of lost... Thanks a ton guys! :)
  3. mariago

    12.2 Translations

    Do you need a Spanish hand here? :)
  4. mariago

    Translators Needed For Dash Art Contest: I Will Pay .2 Dash

    I am a professional translator for Spanish, English and French. I have some dash in my wallet and I try to be updated on Dash community so I think these projects are really useful!! Feel free to contact me in case you need any help with translation! :)