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    Decrease the master node limit from 1000 dash to 200 dash

    Keeping the master nodes at 1000 dash is good i think, then only the serous dash supporters can be involved with voting and make good votes for the rest of the community.
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    Dash How Low Will It Go?

    so i wake up this morning to see dash is on a down hill slide which is good for me because iv been looking for my opportunity to buy back in but how low will it go? some insider info will be good lol
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    1000 dash of masternode

    im only new to dash so i dont have much experience with it but my thoughts on it are keep the 1000 dash for masternodes and perhaps create a different type of node for smaller amounts without the voting power.
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    1000 dash of masternode

    if they decrease the amount for a masternode then what happens if the price takes a massive down turn then they would have to increase it back to 1000?
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    PlayBlackJack.nz Bitcoin & Dash Accepted

    Hi guys just added Dash blackjack to our site. http://playblackjack.nz Blackjack Pays 3 to 2 8 Card Decks you can also claim a small amount of Dash from our gift tab to the left of the game screen to play with if you dont want to make a deposit.
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    Glad I Got Into Dash A Few Days Ago

    funny you should say that i just sent an email to this masternode hoster https://masternode.me
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    Glad I Got Into Dash A Few Days Ago

    hi all. so im new to dash and i exchanged 1btc to dash a few days ago and im glad because now that 1btc worth of dash is now 1.48btc worth, it still seems to be going up. I was hoping to get a masternode but i think this is far from my reach now. im really liking the look of Dash, i also own...
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    What is the best pool for Dash mining ?

    you can rent rigs from miningrigrentals
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    API for accepting Dash

    I use GoUrl for my bitcoin payment system it works well and im also about to use it for dash as well
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    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Hello from me. im new to dash but have been around bitcoin for a long time. just about to purchase my first load of dash