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    Announcing DIP 5 - Blockchain Users

    What do you think about renewal fee for username subscription? Like for domain names you should pay renewal fee or name will get free after some time. This way we can recycle abandoned usernames.
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    Dash Core sync problems

    Why you are using if current release is ? https://github.com/dashpay/dash/releases
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    Masternodes with offline (paper) wallets

    Yes, it would be good to have an opportunity to use air-gaped PC for messages generation. Even if have to use QR codes. But what plans are for 12.4? MN announcement messages will be changed?
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    Masternodes with offline (paper) wallets

    If i understand correctly broadcasted masternode activation message require sigTime and lastPing so its impossible to store on paper activation message and use many times. But i am not sure what key is used for signature: masternode private key or wallet private key.
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    Dash v12.3 Release Announcement - available July 3rd

    Updated MN 12.3.1 -> 12.3.2. But where i can check changelog?
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    Dash v12.3 Release Announcement - available July 3rd

    Good news. Will update my MN after payment.
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    Dash Core Group Q4 2017 Summary Call

    I agree, we need more information on development process. I am holding pretty big investment as dozen MNs and, of course, i hope for good but already passed a lot of time but still can not see any progress.
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    Why is PS not progressing?

    Some time ago i tried to find the reason. https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/slow-mixing-what-is-the-reason.18072/ But seems devs ignored my post. Hope they are busy with EVO update.
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    dash core on ubuntu fails to connect to other nodes

    Please post here output of: dash-cli getinfo | grep version dash-cli getconnectioncount Also try to delete all files in .dashcore folder except wallet.dat and restart dash wallet.
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    The orphan game is on again

    I agree. We should do something to secure dash blockchain against big pool games.
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    Dash AeroSports Sponsorship and Businesses Developement

    Looks amazing. I really hope that all the Evolution ideas will be implemented. Looks like it is going to be a completely new currency. And perhaps we could even meet DASH Classic sometime :) Maybe i need to rethink my voting decisions.
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    Dash AeroSports Sponsorship and Businesses Developement

    If you have good relations with someone from core team you should convince them to provide more public updates. So far i am one of the overwhelming majority of users (and MNO) that totally unaware of what is going on. And this uncertainty is affects my voting decisions. And not only my...
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    Dash AeroSports Sponsorship and Businesses Developement

    Lack of public updates creates uncertainty. Most of newcomers have no information about development process. Despite of out of date roadmap it have lots of new definitions without any clear explanation: DAPI, ADAPI, DashDrive, "object support for users, groups, accounts" etc. What the hell is...
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    Dash AeroSports Sponsorship and Businesses Developement

    committed on Aug 17... dont you think it is a little bit rotten already? "exploded" core team should at least keep such things up to date
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    Pre-Proposal: "Border-Free Love" - Live action + VFX DASH Commercial, 2M Views over 6 Months.

    Haha, it least i want to hope for that. The only roadmap i found is: https://github.com/dashpay/dash-roadmap but it is already 3 month old. To attract new users we need to show dash advantages, show to new users that it is "better money" not only advertise as remittance service replacement.
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    Pre-Proposal: "Border-Free Love" - Live action + VFX DASH Commercial, 2M Views over 6 Months.

    I just see the github and no active development there. And almost all commits just by UdjinM6. Also i cannot find any exact future release roadmap and finished milestones. Regarding the cash remittance industry i am quite skeptical. Regular crypto coins are not good if we need FIAT -> DASH ->...
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    Slow mixing. What is the reason?

    I would like to disagree. Lots of MNO use cheap VPS and many of them discussing how they reduced maxconnections settings to reduce load. Dahsninja show some MN have "unknown" version. This may be some modified code that just listen to port and pretend a working MN.
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    Masternode owners, let's stop voting on dumb sh*t. We need FOCUS.

    There are 4 key features that distinct dash form the others: 1. Private transactions. Here dash sucks. There are competitors that do it much easier. 2. InstantSend. Not sure if we have any competitors but i expect we have. 3. Governance. 4. POS income for MNO. To my mind major reason why people...