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    Bikal miner X11 durability .

    Hi,I bought one mini miner from baikal in June ,2016. Now this cute thing performs excellently and runs stably without any problems . Now I have 8 baikal mini miners in total and I feel really pleasant with them .
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    PinIdea ASIC X11 Miner DR-1 Hashrate 500MH/s @320w Weighs 4.5kg

    I have been thinking about their DR3 for a certain time. Cause the ROI of the machine seems attractive . I tried to send two e-mails to them,but didn't get the response. So I finally gave up the purchase plan. Didn't you contact their guest service before the payment ?
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    Trying to get a general feel for the asics available

    Recently,I purchased several miners from baikal team ,four mini miners and two giants. The mini miners are so silient,their power consumption are also very low.Only 40 watts per unit.Giants make more noise but acceptable.In a word,they are miners with powerful hashrate but low power consumption