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    Zpool Mining

    I've been mining there for a while now.. and the minimum is volatile I think. they can pay 0,003 Dash or 0,019..
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    Pre Proposal - OnePlus Dash Charge Giveaway

    As you probably know, OnePlus was one of the most successful startups in the smartphone business in the last years, with the NEVER SETTLE motto. Currently they sell the OnePlus 5T which has a feature with a familiar name: DASH Charge. One of the fastest charging technologies on smartphones. My...
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    Zpool Mining

    I mine there and they exchange my earning to Dash, so it's pretty nice. Not great reward, but it's been stable for the last 2 days
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    Antminer D3

    I bought a D3 for late november, I wouldn't mind the price going down a bit in the short term, as my target is to mine at least 5,5 Dash (the amount I spend to buy the asic)
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    Antminer D3

    If price increases more than the dificulty, you may earn more than 10usd. If it crashes.. you may not earn nothing at all, it's a gamble..
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    Dash reward per day per MN?

    Can't find the page with the MN count updated. Can someone post it please?
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    New P2Pool node - Portugal

    New p2pool node! From Portugal! we'll be waiting for you!