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    X11 Baikal Mini Miner X11 Baikal Quadruple Mini Miner

    Who could tell me how to upgrade the Baikal miner to auto-switching multi-algo mining? Help me, my friends.
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    Multi-Algo X11/X13/X14/X15/Quark/Qubit Baikal Mini Miner Now Open for Sale.

    I have a quadruple miner. The performance of quadruple miner is good, but it looks not beautiful in appearance. Hope the Baikal team will make improvement on this.
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    Baikal New miner Giant-A900 Now open for sale

    I have played with one Giant-A900 miner, what I want to say is, amazing! It runs in around 915MH/s, and mining temperature keeps under 38℃. The only thing need to make some improvement that I think is the sound, not as quiet as mini and quadruple miner, but still acceptable. If the fans can be...