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    Pre-Proposal: Two Conferences In Tunisia

    even The numbers better have to be splitted i not understand what a Newbie Status have to do with the quality of a proposal. Please explain.
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    PREPROPOSAL DASH Integration in 50 Two-Way ATMs

    is there a problem with new members and my masternodes ??? i Beelieve not and i guess the forum isst for everybody not only for people like you or i mistaken. if this is the way proposals and new members treaten here then better the proposal owner look for coins adotion what are more...
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    PREPROPOSAL DASH Integration in 50 Two-Way ATMs

    Thats great then police will be very interesteed to meet you lol. read the news and the crypto Task force news from the goverment in austria and you will be updtaed. Unbelievable what people get funded at the dash embassy. It lloks like you have no work only defend yourself instad of moving...
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    Ben Swann has been defunded. Keep him out. Vote good ones in.

    for me the hole governence system have to be discussed. when i see what is funded and how the follow up works then is there something really wrong.
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    PREPROPOSAL 100 DASH branded ATMs

    i like the most Point 9 not only for this project for every because im very disapointed that dash nation never follow up whta the money used for and if then big surprise people take i. So they are lot of resources what was not used the wway it have to be.
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    PREPROPOSAL DASH Integration in 50 Two-Way ATMs

    what this accounts are proofing you anything. You have a old account and are not really active so what is the different. I was checking the history and cant find a proposal for Latin ATM. Can you please share the link as well your concerns because i really want to know. Thanks
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    PREPROPOSAL DASH Integration in 50 Two-Way ATMs

    i will not argue witth you because this is not the topic. And your information from sources of CoinATMradar are not updated. Doesnt matter work like will and use the funds from the treasury. For me the discussion is over because to taalk to somebody what get funded from all miners andthen not...
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    Cryptonaut - Portfolio App for Android and iOS

    sounds intresting even the project just starts. For me a more clear view on coins. A littel more selection will make the app unique. Futures like comparsion of payment coins contrating coins. This will make it much more valible and brings attraation. Keep up the good work.
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    PREPROPOSAL DASH Integration in 50 Two-Way ATMs

    if you say cointed (big in legal trouble ) bad reputation in ATM manipulattion) Kurant (a newbie ) and changify are the Lead ATm Providers in Austria that shows how up to date you are about the current situation in Austria. To make it clear im not the proposal owneer only im involved...
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    PREPROPOSAL DASH Integration in 50 Two-Way ATMs

    your speech is alibi, because when i was at several ATMs in the past and ask nobody rellay know what dash is there and all ATMs are independently owned. Coinfinity is the coinprovider so the Owners have to agree of the integration. Of coursse there is a benfeit only who is goining and nocking...
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    DASH Hub Africa: Pan Africa Expansion and Classic Conference+Merchants Drive (Exclusively DASH)

    congratulation that you got funded. I just read your prepopossal and have to say wwell done in case of numbers and impact. As well the region iss peerfect to make this happen. If they are new projects from your side please let me know beccausse i like your transparency and you can count in in...
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    PREPROPOSAL DASH Integration in 50 Two-Way ATMs

    this is eexactly the point i follow the proposals now for years and see what was funded and then dash nation in the follow up figured out that the money was not used for the purpose where it wwas founded as well i know the story of this store in austria with tthis huge amount. Heere is...
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    Proposal for 2 conferences in SPAIN teaching about Dash as FinTech Proyect

    1000% agree jesccs. and it will be more helpful witth ATM's waht can be used for remittances KYC as well POS systems. This is my point. The house have to build with a fondation not with the roof first.
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    Pre-Proposal: DASH Guayana–Venezuela

    i really get your point and i not against it. Only how merchants will be accept in massive payments from clients it needs pos systems and ATm first otherwise is a smal business and there is the ask funds way to much. This is my point nothing else. A move forward is great esspecially...
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    Pre-Proposal: DASH Guayana–Venezuela

    your quickly reply showes your effort and this counts because crypto at all is still a small community and need pioneers to move forward. And of course when a great governence system like dahs is in place it have to use wisly and your numbers in total are looks big at the first view. That was...
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    PREPROPOSAL DASH Integration in 50 Two-Way ATMs

    100% agree @Globalnetworker. At least a start will be made if this proposal is founded . Looking forward that he get the support of Dash Nation.
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    PREPROPOSAL DASH Integration in 50 Two-Way ATMs

    a genius idea to add dash to existing ATMs, because they people who already use them knwo as well dash only had no solution in the past. I rellay like this even i have to say more global will be better. Ok on the other hand a sstart have to be made and otthers will follow i believe. For me...
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    Pre-Proposal: DASH Guayana–Venezuela

    even when the proposal is very detailed i think that the impact according to history events cant be this big. Communities have to grow organicly adn a confernece is a short term exitment what need follow ups. I cant see them in your proposal. So for me without the follow up eductaion for the...
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    Pre-Proposal: World Series of Poker

    for me is this a watse of money from treasury because you reach out only to a smal group of people and i not see the impact for moving forward longterm.
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    For me definally a yes because based on the requested funds from the tresuary and the impact what can be made i look forward rto see this for the final vote so i can vote with my masternodes there. Please keep us updated how your journey continues.