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    Los Angeles Meetups?

    No more than 1 Dash at this point.
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    Los Angeles Meetups?

    Hey Jim, I'd to find someone local in LA who has some Dash for sale. I've bought dash through exchanges but its a bit cumbersome. I'm using reddit and forums like to try to find someone. Just figured theres many millions of people here in LA and theres gota be a couple with some Dash laying...
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    Solving DASH'S single biggest problem: instant country fiat <>DASH w/o BTC

    I'm experiencing this problem as well. Been trying to find someone or some way to buy Dash directly in Los Angeles but there are no ATM's that supply Dash as of yet and doing a coin for coin trade is kinda pricey especially with prices of each fluctuating a lot lately. There are 3 ATM's in...
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    Los Angeles Meetups?

    Hey I'm in LA and having a tough time acquiring Dash. If either of you have any you'd like to sell let me know, I'm interested!! Thanks