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    RC4 issues, bugs & feature requests

    This is a great idea.
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    v0.10.12.x RC4 Testing

    Great job Evan and team!
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    Development Updates - July 15th

    Another option is the mini blockchain, as implemented in Cryptonite. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=643758.0 This is more theoretical, as it appears there are certain downsides to such an implementation.
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    Development Updates - July 15th

    A nice feature for privacy conscious merchants would be a public display address that automatically darksends to a "private" address.
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    Development Updates - July 7th

    Let's say you want to send 25 DRK. The client will remove 50 from your wallet, then it will create new addresses with denominated amounts of DRK. From these, 25 DRK will be sent to masternode #2. The other 25 DRK will remain in your wallet under the new addresses. So it looks like you sent 50...
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    Development Updates - July 7th

    We really need a way to make it impossible for transactions to be unmasked through node collusion. Having only a small chance isn't good enough. If we can get that, along with ip obfuscation, I'd say we're set.
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    Enhanced Darkcoin Wallet UI

    I think we should put our efforts on getting a very sleek wallet out first. Emphasis on good looking, intuitive design. Get the core functionality in place with a great GUI, so as to distinguish Darkcoin immediately upon download. Value added features can then be added with further versions. I...
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    Masternode not recieving payments.

    Masternode payments are not currently enabled. I believe they will be turned on sometime around June 14th.
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    v0.10.9.x Help test RC2 forking issues

    Well, that was quick! Nice job.
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    Wallet setup on Ubuntu

    Are there any security precautions that I should be aware of as a new Ubuntu user? Is it a risk to use the admin account as a default?
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    Wallet setup on Ubuntu

    I'd appreciate an explanation as well.