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    CEX is a SCAM

    Never had a problem with their support. And never got a bot response.
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    CEX is a SCAM

    And what about your tickets, any wasn't responded? Try tweet them with your ticket number. It helped me to get an answer in few hours.
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    CEX is a SCAM

    Cex isn't a scam. Used them for a long time. Try to reach them on Twitter. They respond there pretty quick.
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    Guide: get DASH on Binance

    Hello guys, since October 20th Binance launched an option to trade DASH. Binance is super fast growing exchange with solid list of cryptocurrencies accepted. However, Binance doesn't accept any fiat currencies and deposit methods like bank wire, credit card, cash, etc. But they offer some very...
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    Spammers found their way in

    Wow, there are a lot of spam above this post. And mods are still sleeping I guess.
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    Binance Lists DASH

    Great! Knowing what is the Binance growing speed, it's really amazing to see DASH there.
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    Why Dash community isn't so big as others?

    I wonder why Dash community on Reddit, Twitter, even here isn't big. Price is growing, it has a great 24h trading volume, and huge potential. What the main reason is? Thanks.
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    Social Network with End-To-End-Encryption

    Site looks really good! And we needed a new social network which is more private, encrypted and secure. Do you have any stats of how many users are already registered? BTW, good luck with the project! Looking forward to see how it goes on.