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    Am I doing something wrong?

    Only one pool will mine at a time, not all of them simultaneously. Pool 0 will be the first to try, if it connects and gets work it will mine on that pool, if that pool doesn't connect (or the pool goes down) it will switch to pool 1 (or pool 2 if that one isn't available either).
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    P2Pool What's up with Dash P2Pool today?

    There's a massive amount of extra hash rate hitting the dash network and it's pushing the difficulty up by the looks of it, but only temporarily. I restarted my P2Pool node about an hour ago and it was reporting the global hash rate at 25TH/s and difficulty at 880k at the time, it's just shot up...
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    P2Pool What's up with Dash P2Pool today?

    Lol, and then 3 on the trot just after I posted! :) Just bad luck and increased difficulty then.
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    P2Pool What's up with Dash P2Pool today?

    Anyone any ideas what is going on with P2Pool today? No blocks found for the last 4 hours according to my node and therefore no payouts. The Dash hashrate went up to a massive 60TH/s too and difficulty over 2mil for a bit too which coincided with the last block.