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    WTS BRAND NEW 150 D3s and 150 S9s! IN STOCK!

    Brand new, unopened, ready for immediate shipping to country of your choice. At the moment MINIMUM ORDER IS 20 MINERS. 150 x D3 19.3GH/s BRAND NEW with matching PSUs 150 x S9 14TH/s BRAND NEW with matching PSUs PM for more info and prices! Payments: - wire transfer USD, EUR - escrow...
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    WTS 150 x D3 and 200 x L3 for sale in batches!

    PM me for more details, photos etc. D3s 19.3 GH/s 1200W are brand new and packed. Come with PSUs. Batch L3+ are 4-6 weeks old. Installed and running in a data center in Iceland. Also with PSUs. Contract with the data center to be taken over. Cost ca 62 EUR per 1 kW per month, remote access...
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    WTS 100 x D3 Antminers October Batch - good price

    I have 100 unused D3 Bitmain antminers for sale - too many secured orders actually went through. October batch. 100 units - preferably to sell to 1 or 2 buyers. Good price, from what I've seen on the forum, lower than most asked. Can come with PSUs at an additional fee (APW3++)...
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    Coin miners vs. prohashing - What's the difference?

    I heard somebody say they had some of their miners configured as coin miners and the others prohashing. No idea what that means. Could somebody explain what the difference is?
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    Create a Mining Pool

    Oooh, does it mean you don't mine yourself? :) I was just curious if somebody with more 'inside knowledge' would approach choosing a mining pool differently than somebody who bases their decision on internet research only.
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    Create a Mining Pool

    In some cases I guess it's like with cryptos - you select one based on your criteria and you take the risk. If it stays, you were in early (though I don't know how much that would matter in the case of a pool, fewer members to share the reward with possibly). And if you don't mind me asking -...
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    Create a Mining Pool

    So would you say that when evaluating a pool you'd pay a lot of attention to how long they've been running?
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    Cryptocurrency Documentary- what would you like to see

    For people not familiar with cryptos, I would like to see a documentary that would explain simply and shortly but fully: - what bitcoin and blockchain is - how other cryptocurrencies originated - how is DASH different from other crypto's + more For those more familiar with the subject: -...