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    Pre-Proposal Dash Nexus Cont.

    Overview We are now in the final stretches of development and couldn’t be more excited for the initial release of the Nexus platform! Since our update last month, we have finalized the visual designs for the platform and made significant development progress, bringing us closer to launch...
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    Network Analytics & Business Intelligence

    I think you're right in that it may be more helpful for Proposal Owners than MNOs but I think really anyone looking at Dash from an analytical or critical perspective is going to be interested in the kind of information we'll be presenting. MNOs would probably like to see our category chart...
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    Network Analytics & Business Intelligence

    After some constructive feedback from community members we've updated the scope of our project and will be going live later today.
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    Network Analytics & Business Intelligence

    OVERVIEW While the Dash DAO is a unique and radically transparent governing body, there has been very limited data-driven analysis performed to evaluate its function. We would like to provide the Dash community with a deeper look into the inner workings of the Dash Governance and Budgeting...
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    8 Steps to a Successful Proposal

    Thanks for the tips! Very helpful. We are working on some interesting data that might give some further insight into creating successful proposals. Will be sharing details in our Pre-Proposal shortly.
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    Confirming my identity on Dashcentral.org

    Welcome to the community Bradley!
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    Webpage Stats - Feb 2018 - good info for MNO's

    Very interesting data! Thanks for sharing!! Amazing to see how the DAO's push for integration in Venezuela is translating into a statistical evidence