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  1. AnarchicCluster

    Pre-Proposal: Co-Funding of Dash Embassy Thailand / Asia Embassy Expansion Step 1 (Oct-Dec 2018)

    Dash already had boys I the ground in Thailand. Have you been in contact with these people? https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/dash-research-asia.32730/#post-176158 https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/dash-internships-representation-office-thailand.21813/
  2. AnarchicCluster

    Dash v12.3 Release Announcement - available July 3rd

    Does anyone know why the setup file is unisgned?
  3. AnarchicCluster


    Dash wallet of course. Dash is digital cash there aren't many other dash apps apart from wallets
  4. AnarchicCluster

    DASH CLUB - "The turnkey Motorcycle Rider" [Brazil]

    Interesting. How much DASH would you need for this venture?
  5. AnarchicCluster

    DASH CLUB - "The turnkey Motorcycle Rider" [Brazil]

    What is the return on the investment for dash network?
  6. AnarchicCluster

    What's Going on at Dash?

    I see that there is a search for a new CTO. What is the deal with Andy? Is he leaving Dash or assuming a new position?
  7. AnarchicCluster

    Dash Core Group Q4 2017 Summary Call

    Are there any updates on Masternode blinding? I cannot find it on the roadmap. Has it been abandoned?
  8. AnarchicCluster

    Congratulations Fernando Gutierrez - Dash Core Group, Chief Marketing Officer

    Nice one, Now that Fernando is the Chief Marketing Officeer, maybe it would be worth singling out the marketing departpement as a separate DAO and let them apply for budget independently from Core. It could increase decentralsation of the project. Any thoughts?
  9. AnarchicCluster

    Dash Core 12.2 is here!

    it doesn't hurt, but can save a hustle later on.
  10. AnarchicCluster

    Pre-proposal: Let millions of Chinese investors on Huobi invest Dash

    Second that. I am sure the core has thought of that, but it would be good to see some sort of confirmation. Maybe Green Candle can act as the escrow service.
  11. AnarchicCluster

    Is collateralised mining just proof of stake?

    As long as what macrochip is saying is true, yes. However, when I saw flare's comment I got an impression that collectivised mining is something that is in very distant future (by cryptoworld standard) if at all. CM seems to be not definite yet.
  12. AnarchicCluster

    Evo usernames clarification please

    Chuck Williams talks about user names in this video try 46 minute mark
  13. AnarchicCluster

    Is it existed "Mining pool"-like-"Masternode pool"?

    Yes. Splawik21 operates one of such pools. Moocowmoo operates another one. Both are active and reachable on this forum.
  14. AnarchicCluster

    Proposal: Core Team Compensation (November)

    I think Daniel Diaz was the lead of business and development but he has left, and now the core is looking for a replacement
  15. AnarchicCluster

    We need more million-dollar proposals

    I'm sure Ryan has spoken to coinbase'CEO. Getting Dash on Coinbase is not easy and I don't know how Masternodes can help with that. If it was only matter of money we would have seen a proposal already long time ago.
  16. AnarchicCluster

    Neocash Radio interviews Joël Valenzuela from Dash Force

    I like your show. It is nice to match face to your voice.
  17. AnarchicCluster

    In this months Dash mining is not productive!

    Life is full of risk. Sometimes investments pay off sometimes they don't. You just have to accept that, because MNOs can't do anything about it.
  18. AnarchicCluster

    What happens to cryptocurrencies in general, if an effective quantum computer is ever invented?

    Ye Yes, just for the sheer fact that SHA256 is a single algorithm, where X11 is using 11 algorithms chained together.
  19. AnarchicCluster

    Dash Mobile Apps

    QuantumExplorer is maintaining iOS app and HashEngneering is maintaining Android App. As far as I know HasEngineering is a third party but he gets pad from the treasury. QuantumExplorer is part of the Dash Core team