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  1. Smile-Expo

    Blockchain Moscow 20 ноября

    Blockchain Conference Moscow объединяет криптосообщество! Объединим криптосообщество вместе! В честь Дня народного единства России Blockchain Conference Moscow дарит суперскидку на билеты. Возьмите два и заплатите, как за один. Поспешите: акция действует только четыре дня! Только с 6 по 9...
  2. Smile-Expo

    Blockchain Moscow 20 ноября

    Конференция Blockchain Moscow пройдет 20 ноября и соберет на одной площадке ведущих отечественных и зарубежных экспертов отрасли. Организаторы - компания Smile-Expo - остались верны традиционному формату: конференция и выставка. Ключевые темы 1. Поток Fintech Hall: · Криптовалюты и...
  3. Smile-Expo

    Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm 11 september

    This is which in Russia? If yes, then heard. Now a lot of conferences are held in different countries. it is very convenient to look for what is closer and where you can come.
  4. Smile-Expo

    Blockchain and cryptocurrencies in Sweden

    Yes, I support you. In Sweden, a lot of innovations and innovations. And the Swedish government supports this development. Logistics, trade, management - everywhere start to introduce new.
  5. Smile-Expo

    Blockchain and cryptocurrencies in Sweden

    Blockchain News in Sweden: Innovative Blockchain Applications Sweden keeps using blockchain for property transactions, expands its crypto exchange and plans to launch E-Krona. These and other news of Swedish crypto world are here in the digest. Blockchain in energy sector From May, 2017 –...
  6. Smile-Expo

    Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm 11 september

    Last Chance to Buy: Tickets for Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm Sale! Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm – the large-scale event dedicated to blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICO – announces the last days tickets sale! There are only 30 tickets with a 90 EUR discount left! No...
  7. Smile-Expo

    Global Market May Hit $100 Trillion and EU Can Change Crypto Regulations – Recent News

    Almost half of world top universities teaches crypto, EU plans to discuss regulations and crypto coins are now traded on Yahoo – these and other news are presented in the digest. Global Market Cap Raises Towards $100 Trillion Total world market cap has already exceeded $80 trillion and keeps...
  8. Smile-Expo

    Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv 19 сентября

    Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv соберёт ведущих блокчейн-экспертов из Украины и из-за рубежа 19 сентября в столице Украины пройдёт крупное криптособытие — Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv. Мероприятие станет площадкой, где криптоэксперты поделятся опытом с бизнес-аудиторией, а компании...
  9. Smile-Expo

    Enerchain – the most successful blockchain project in the energy sector

    Energetics is a promising sector for blockchain. Today dozens of startups, for instance, Enerchain coin, Transactive Grid, LO3, and others are developing smart power grids that involve the distributed ledger technology among other things. Major companies like Siemens investmillions of dollars in...
  10. Smile-Expo

    Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm 11 september

    On September 11, Sweden will host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm organized by Smile-Expo – international coordinator of business events. The conference will introduce various topics regarding blockchain and will drive attention to the most topical problems of the cryptocurrency...
  11. Smile-Expo

    Рекордный хешрейт биткоина и СССР на блокчейне: чем запомнилась криптоиндустрия за неделю

    В Нидерландах построят деревню на блокчейне Неподалеку от столицы страны, в районе городка Алмере, появится футуристическое поселение ReGen. Инфраструктура деревни будет основана на технологии блокчейн и искусственном интеллекте. Площадь деревни составит не менее 20 га: там разместят 203...
  12. Smile-Expo

    Blockchain and cryptocurrencies in Sweden

    The Swedish economy is well-developed and export-oriented. In the twentieth century, a poor agricultural country turned into one of Europe’s most developed industrial states in several dozens of years. It was rich natural resources that affected the economic growth. They still play an important...
  13. Smile-Expo

    Women In Blockchain Series, with Naomi Brockwell

    Hello everyone, I just registered today on the forum and the first thing I saw was this topic with women in Blokchain. Thank you for her. Just yesterday, I read an article about women in Blokchain. IT sphere is male-dominated; according to the statistics collected by Pinterest in 2013, they...