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  1. TiberiusV

    Will mining Dash become profitable again?

    I think that DASH will rise, many miners will disappear with time.
  2. TiberiusV

    P2Pool Moscow p2pool online

    Hi all. To restore the resource p2pool.ru Currently available are 4 servers, choose any suitable for you ping. dash.p2pool.ru:7903 - Moscow dash1.p2pool.ru:7903 - Moscow dash2.p2pool.ru:7903 - Moscow region dash3.p2pool.ru:7903 - Moscow Thank you all.
  3. TiberiusV

    Empty blocks p2pool dash (Block not found)

    Is aware of how many more will crumble empty blocks ? 41 minutes ago 795230 0000000000000003acb1001abffaccf517d667c9a801af54448c42304cb5a4e4 8 hours ago 795065 0000000000000009aadea1119c84ddf5c08535afc167feb8ebb53bb732144a5d 12 hours ago 794969...