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  1. Nitya Sattva

    Dash Gateway Plugin for Shopify.com, so that 400,000 Shopify store owners can accept Dash

    Last I heard this still stand: "50 Shopify stores and process at least 1 million USD in transactions." The only difference is they no longer provide you with the easy integration setup to get things started. Aka you are required to build and prove this outside of there network. (especially for...
  2. Nitya Sattva

    Proposal: TEDx Salt Lake City Sponsorship 2017

    youtu.be/_8E6KDvPA0U?t=8m30s youtube.com/watch?v=4JhwQ17mLjo Those and meany more ugh, used to love TED(x) but these days nha. Feels more like a scam that is feeding of the good old days and it is clear why TED(x) is on the way out. It might still be worth it for the exposure. Mostly wanted to...
  3. Nitya Sattva

    Proposal: OpenBazaar integration

    This new wallet type they have setup is an interesting idea and very easy to implement. (ofc means users need to run a full node, not a big deal for Dash at this point in time.) hmm tempting and distracting Last time I looked at it, they were reworking so meany things. Might be they finally...
  4. Nitya Sattva

    Budgeting system

    In Short: The master nodes in the network vote on how the 10% is spent, they vote on proposals done by the community and do this monthly in a decentralized way that is built into the network protocol. Currently, there is no escrow, but core team members have been used as escrow for some larger...
  5. Nitya Sattva

    HD crashed, lost Dash Core

    If there is allot of Dash in the wallet, I would avoid trying to do this yourself, using the wrong tools might damage the bits and bytes on the drive to the point that even a professional service is no longer able to help you. If you do want to try this yourself, make a clone of the drive...
  6. Nitya Sattva

    Professional Help Desk Services

    "Our" and "We"? Maybe elaborate on this so that the people voting can have a look at the history and expertise offered?
  7. Nitya Sattva

    HD crashed, lost Dash Core

    Agree with Trezor above, or https://www.ledgerwallet.com/products/ledger-nano-s also supports Dash. For anything above pocket change or daily use amounts, a hardware wallet is a must. Cold storage paper wallets work, but I would consider them more risky, http://cryptosteel.com has a version that...
  8. Nitya Sattva

    How can Dash businessowners feel safe and be more easy to setup

    Sorry to hear this. Working on it, and because I have been working on a related project the past two months, I tried several services but ended up feeling some of the same pain you described. Feel free to send me the setup you are looking for and any of the issues you came across. My project is...
  9. Nitya Sattva

    Proposal: Facebook Ads for Dash Tutorials

    Took away my thumbs up, I need to read more carefully. "When you vote yes on this proposal and it is funded" really, you are using that as a bargaining chip? My original reply from a day ago, I ended up not posting but ... --- Tbh, new user should not be using dash-qt, especially if they are...
  10. Nitya Sattva

    Cloudflare Leaks, change your passwords ...

    The first data dumps that look like those now linked to the cloud flare problem date back more then a year ago, aka the first fishing for tools to analyze the data set. The leakage was several megabytes of random memory that could be read after loading a page severed trough Cloudflare, the...
  11. Nitya Sattva

    Cloudflare Leaks, change your passwords ...

    It was bound to happen, silly service if you ask me. The data dumps on black market are huge, no one knows for sure what sites are in those dumps and if all dumps are released so be safe and switch out, this website uses the service that was broken. Ref...
  12. Nitya Sattva

    GoDash - Dev logs and discussion

    It has been a while sins I posted anything here so, but I have been busy working on a payment gateway for dash. This was far down the line in my original planning but with the "point of sale" proposal done by @kodaxx it became my main focus. The initial prototype was simple to build, just...
  13. Nitya Sattva

    12.1 Testnet Testing Phase Two Ignition

    It used to work, wth the 12.1 client from bit more then week ago, tbh I do not see a real use case for it but the current behavior seems / feels off to me. (bad ux, I'm guessing @UdjinM6 needs to go over his changes ?)
  14. Nitya Sattva

    12.1 Testnet Testing Phase Two Ignition

    It is no longer possible to InstaSend funds to an address in your own wallet ? Updated my testnet clients yesterday and some of my tests broke, I was not seeing InstaSend messages on the network for transaction that move funds inside the clients wallet. The fee for InstSend is charged but the...
  15. Nitya Sattva

    Introduce the 13 operators that own 3000 masternodes.

    You are missing the **point**: "The point was defining max value via one of enum members and not by some magic number which imo is a better/cleaner way." That is what was being discussed ... Error: Looking at the code, the signals are clearly related so ... strike the remark below: ~As to him...
  16. Nitya Sattva

    Introduce the 13 operators that own 3000 masternodes.

    A discussion between two developers about c++ specification and what would be 'the best approach' to apply those is shocking to you ? Or did I miss what you meant by "The Specifications" ....
  17. Nitya Sattva

    Introduce the 13 operators that own 3000 masternodes.

    As I said that is your problem, you can not read code or analyze it's history. Yet you shit all over this forum complain about how bad this part is and how insecure the other thing is. But time and time again you show us you do not know how to use git to look up the proof for any your claims and...
  18. Nitya Sattva

    Introduce the 13 operators that own 3000 masternodes.

    Let me do your homework: https://github.com/dashpay/dash/pull/1135, ofc you will still need to read to figure out how and when this was resolved ... and I'm starting to believe that might be a problem for you.
  19. Nitya Sattva

    GoDash.org - Info and Proposals

    Because there is a separate proposal for the "Point of Sale" system this one will not be submitted this month and I will end up changing it around again 'if' and 'when' the time comes. I fully support the POS proposal Kodaxx made and the idea's he has on moving forward once the base of the...
  20. Nitya Sattva

    Reading this forum on a Ultra Wide Screen ?

    @moocowmoo Thx works like a sham, I did not even know there was supposed to be a button there.