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    [CLOSED] Masternode shares with automated payouts.

    interesting concept, I am not sure if I can PM yet... some info on why you can be trusted will be nice, no offense, I am new here.
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    MPOS [0%fee][0%donation][Prop]drk.pool1.goodluckpool.com

    Announcing a new X11 pool mining Darkcoin, additional coins will be added. http://drk.pool1.goodluckpool.com stratum+tcp://drk.pool1.goodluckpool.com:3333 Prop payout, VarDiff 0% fee no donation required Support: [email protected] Please give us a try. Thank you.
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    I need a like to change my signature

    Anyone can give me one like will be very appreciated, thank you.
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    Missing DRK from http://www.drkpool.com/

    I got my balance withdrawn a few days ago through the website with a email token.
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    Start trading on Darkbids.com

    darkcoin to the moon!