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    [Prepoposal] Dutch Dash news and community website

    Good idea, will do. I'm new here so still have to find my way around. But I figured this sub forum would be a good indicator to see if there would be interest for suggested projects. I don't think there's anything wrong with the idea, no. Like you say, for mass adoptation, multi language...
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    [Prepoposal] Dutch Dash news and community website

    Hey Biltong, I could always use help with preparing the pre proposal. But there doesn't seem to be much interest in the proposal. So I guess no, I'm not gonna risk 5 Dash on it. Greets
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    [Prepoposal] Dutch Dash news and community website

    https://www.dashforcenews.com uses a very versatile theme with an exellent page builder. Coincedently, I'm very familiar with it. This is the latest premade blog I created with it. It's not 100% finished, so it's not for sale yet and not live yet (localhost). Below are pics of front page and...
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    Dash Poker

    A well designed client wich offers low rake would be great.
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    Preproposal - Dash Fund

    As Dash grows, a coin may cost a fortune tho. I just posted a proposal. And apparently I need to wait 48 hours minimum before I can buy coins to get verified. Hopefully this madness will end when Dash evolution launches.
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    [Prepoposal] Dutch Dash news and community website

    Hello Dashers, I'm new here. Dash Evolution is a huge deal for mass adoptation. And if we want mass adoptation, we also need multi language information. I noticed that there is hardly information for Dutch speaking (Netherlands, Belgium etc) people on Dash. And no dedicated website for Dash...