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  1. InhumanPerfection

    Dash release

    Hi, Can someone point me to PR/commit where this DoS vector is fixed? @codablock @UdjinM6 ?
  2. InhumanPerfection

    Transaction : 0/not confirmed, in memory zone

    In Tools -> Debug console try: abandontransaction "txid" txid you can obtain by right-click on your transaction and "Copy transaction ID" Edit: oops, you can just right-click on your transaction and select "Abandon transaction"
  3. InhumanPerfection

    Collateral not valid

    Collateral must have at least one confirmation to be valid. If you have only one collateral in your wallet and you just now paid collateral payment tx (say 0.004 -> 0.003) then next mixing MN will consider it as invalid until it get one confirmation.
  4. InhumanPerfection

    I suggest using hybrid Masternode PoS + PoW mining

    Their numbers are not correct. Dash network hashrate is about 1.66 PH/s All offers on nicehash for X11 is 545 TH/s. I don't know exactly what these offers really mean - is it a theoretical hashrate (and now it's not included in current network hashrate) or is it a working hashrate (and now it's...
  5. InhumanPerfection

    Reducing InstantSend transaction fee

    I hope this Pull request will be adopted. And fees for most InstantSend transactions (with 1-4 inputs) will be as low as for ordinary transactions.
  6. InhumanPerfection

    is PrivateSend so slow?

    It's spam - post contains hidden link.
  7. InhumanPerfection

    v12.3 Testing

    Sent. Ping me if you need more.
  8. InhumanPerfection

    Copay - Beta Version w/ Mainnet Support Available for Test (iOS + Android)

    This is from my review of previous version. As I see nothing changed in regard of translation in new version. Edit: And am I only one for whom InstantSend doesn't work? (see my second review of the new version): Edit2: And everybody else is ok with current fees? It's 20 duff/byte on "Super...
  9. InhumanPerfection

    Rate the Forum rules

    @TaoOfSatoshi this ^^^ will be very simple and good solution in situations like with HedgedAndLevered. I understood your position, but try to be in other side’s shoes. Believe me it's very disappointing when someone with one click erases all your efforts. Please consider it. I believe that...
  10. InhumanPerfection

    Charlie Shrem's failed Dashpay card

    I'm not talking about enforcing or not enforcing rules. I'm talking about how to enforce them softly without using a sledgehammer to crack a nut and without making people angry and frustrated like in this case (man with good intention said f it and left because of this sledgehammer-like...
  11. InhumanPerfection

    Charlie Shrem's failed Dashpay card

    By removing entire informative post because of one word? I clearly see that @HedgedAndLevered is taking efforts in benefit of Dash and I understand his frustration ("If I'm going out and doing something on Dash's behalf and this is the thanks I get"), because deleting entire post looks like...
  12. InhumanPerfection

    Survey: Implementation of tracking and analytical tools to Dash apps and websites (yes or no)

    My 2 cents: trackers are evil :-P And as workaround: Make all external links on your web-site like: https://www.example.com/goto/www.dash.org/wallets (which have redirect and your own tracking code) instead of direct links to https://www.dash.org/wallets.
  13. InhumanPerfection

    No Block source available ? Help please

    What is your wallet version? Must be v0.12.3.x (v. is last). https://www.dash.org/wallets/
  14. InhumanPerfection

    MyDashWallet Continued Development

    Google analytics (also twitter, facebook, and many different ad-engines) track you across all web sites on which they installed. So if you logged in on Google and you visit any web-site which contains Google Analytics (or ads from Google) they will immediately link this visit to your account.
  15. InhumanPerfection

    Which masternodes voted and what exactly voted on various proposals (v2)

    It's worth noting that we have 2525 MN's without votes it can be any number of unique MNOs from 1 to 2525 - you can't say definitely based only on voting. Also if any MNO moves its collateral(s) - voting history will be erased for corresponding MNs and these MNs will be added to these 2525...
  16. InhumanPerfection

    When I am not logged it, the forum looks like a mess.

    Can confirm. Not dependent on login state. I see many server responses with 503 error. Most commonly on "css.php..." urls. @tungfa pls pass it to corresponding devs ;)
  17. InhumanPerfection

    Charlie Shrem's failed Dashpay card

    XfNeikkfga1GUVt3TUE5XjB4jRhQXPPiKa is Core Group address (you can check it here in "Super Blocks History" search box). XwNDKfgDmoKrpJy67a56xnq238jJynAHkE is also belongs to Core Group (look at this transaction - it have 2 inputs with both of these addresses - which means that both of addresses...
  18. InhumanPerfection

    ZB.COM volume question

    Most probably their volume is faked. Look here at the orderbook: https://trans.zb.com/markets/dashbtc Orderbook is almost empty. However their tape active af. How it can be? Answer is simple...
  19. InhumanPerfection

    Testnet transaction not working

    You have some answers in #development-lab on our discord