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  1. hugep3n15

    [WTS] Few Hundo Dash for BTC/ETH/XRM or XLM @ Market +/- 0% - Currently 95.11$

    As the title says I'd like some different cryptos. Why not use an exchange? Because of fees. This way I exchange at market price - avoiding the deposit/exchange/withdrawal fees. https://explorer.dash.org/insight/address/Xy9sHRDznBZpGAxE7ByRN9xvD2FYjMk2Db
  2. hugep3n15

    WTS 915 Dash to Sell - Bitcoin, Money Orders, Cash in Mail

    Hi, I have 915DASH to Sell for USD,EUR - through Bitcoin, Money Orders or Cash in Mail. 1. If you're sending cash in mail - always go through priority (registered) mail, requiring signature. This way both parties would be able to track the progress; 2. I am located in the EU, so keep that in...
  3. hugep3n15

    WTS Dash for PayPal/Cash in mail

    0.10000000 Dash - 20Eur paypal or cash in mail. 0.50000000 Dash - 90Eur 1.00000000 Dash - 170Eur
  4. hugep3n15

    WTS DASH and BTC for cash

    Selling DASH and BTC for cash in mail. USD, EUR, CHF and AUD accepted. Price + 2% - bittrex.
  5. hugep3n15

    WTT Dash for Paypal - 10% fee

    Title says it all. Currently available 77 Dash.
  6. hugep3n15

    WTS 2 x Antminer D3 - November Batch

    Order for 2 Antminer D3 for November available for sale. Price - 1.00 BTC for both miners. Only accept Bitcoin or ETH/ETC worth as payment. Contact me here, on PM or provide your details if you're interested to discuss this.
  7. hugep3n15

    WTT Looking to Exchange Dash, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash for ETH/USD/EUR

    0.14 Bitcoins to exchange for ETH @ bittrex price + 2%; 22 Dash to Exchange for ETH @ bittrex price + 2% or EUR/USD - BTC preev rate. 0.14 BCC to Exchange for ETH @ bittrex + 2%, No minimums. Let me know if you have any questions.
  8. hugep3n15

    WTS DASH - skrill/neteller - ESCROW; 15% premium

    Want to exchange some DASH to paypal or skrill. Neteller also. Premium - 15%. ESCROW ACCEPTED! PM if you're interested
  9. hugep3n15

    WTS 27 Bitcoin (xbt; btc) @ preev +5% - PayPal, Skrill, Neteller and Perfect Money

    Hi forum members. I have a total of 27 btc for sale @ preev +5%. Accepted payment methods - PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Perfect Money and Bitgold. Let me know if you are interested.
  10. hugep3n15

    WTS xbt/btc to skrill

    price - preev + 5% i accept paypal,skrill and perfect money 19btc available
  11. hugep3n15

    WTS Dash and Bitcoin for Paypal, Skrill or Perfect Money

    Dash for sale here - 2.72$ - no less. 725 available; I also have 5 bitcoins to sell. Price - preev. There is no overcharge. Let me know if you have questions.
  12. hugep3n15

    WTT DRK for Pokerstars USD

    I have some DRK that I'd like to trade for Pokerstars USD or AUD. Price - Cryptsy (daily basis) - 4.55$ for today. Can be negotiated on the day of trading.
  13. hugep3n15

    WTS DRK - Skrill, Perfect Money, Pokerstars USD/EUR

    I have some DRK to sell. If you are in Germany I could meet you in person. Otherwise - I accept PayPal (gift), Skrill, Pokerstars USD, Perfect Money.