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  1. minersday

    DashDrive feature, is this something you would want?

    Hi! Please don't bring that kind of "dropbox" in the dash evolution. This will open any sort of new attacks, using files. And this will divert from being a currency to something else.. And the technology is something very very last year, mean the file drive thing.. if you have to make a case...
  2. minersday

    A Tricky Path to Quantum-Safe Encryption

    A Tricky Path to Quantum-Safe Encryption: https://www.quantamagazine.org/20150908-quantum-safe-encryption/ So, bitcoin will go down the drain after quantum computer surface, what about X11 it's more tricky cause of the multiple algorithms? and check out the quantum-secure cryptography picture...
  3. minersday

    Easy to install miner and wallet

    I would love to see mass adaption of dash, but I think this would require easy to install wallet (this is now) but also easy to install miner, and for example bundle of these two, and a preconfigured pool for example p2pool:s which it is going to mine. so it would be just one thing to install...
  4. minersday

    Update option for binary

    Could it be possible to implement an update switch to the binary? so with a command for example dashd --updatebinary it would check the latest binary / MD5 sum of the binary from example dashpay site (XML-data), and would replace the current binary with the new one, this would is easily done...