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    Real estate rent service (monthly payout)

    Hi guys, I don't know if this is a viable idea, but i've been thinking about this for a while: What if we could do a fundraiser, kind of like an IPO, in order to buy a piece of real estate. This real estate would then be rented out, and the rent would monthly be converted into DRK and paid...
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    [WTS] Viper 250MH Asic

    Hi guys, i have a standing pre-order of a Viper 250MH Asic from Alpha Technology. I'm actually no longer interested in running this, as i decided to do other things with my time. I would very much like to sell this to someone who is interested. And of course i accept Darkcoin! The price i have...
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    Hi guys, i've been thinking about this for a long time : Darkcoin merchandising I would be willing to create a design and have custom t-shirts made. I was just wondering how enthusiastic you guys would be about this, since this would ask a considerable investment on my part upfront. I already...