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  1. Salkenex

    Dash mentioned as faster alternative to Bitcoin at Market Watch

    http://www.marketwatch.com/story/the-biggest-threat-facing-bitcoin-has-nothing-to-do-with-the-sec-2017-03-09 It's always good getting mentions like this.
  2. Salkenex

    WTS Baikal X11 Crypto-Currency ASIC Miner 150MH 40w

    I'm selling a Baikal Mini X11 Crypto-Currency ASIC Miner 150MH 40w. 50 Dash includes shipping. Will happily use escrow. Or $550 via PayPal.
  3. Salkenex

    lock transactions

    Is there a way to lock an entire wallet public address from being spent in the wallet? I know if you have 1000 Dash collateral for a MN the wallet will lock it but what if I want all the payments that go to that MN address to also be locked? Can that be done by a single setting? Can I lock each...
  4. Salkenex

    no MN payments

    I haven't received a MN payment since 3/26. I've been updated to for 5 days 5 hours 37 minutes now. I've still not received a payment. According to all sources, I've got green lights on everything. Node is being seen, I'm 0 on PoSe. I checked my server and dashd getinfo says I'm good...