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  1. Fount4inhead

    MN Start using DMT

    Masternode needs a Start, used to use core client but now use a hardware wallet with DMT, How do you do a MN Start using the DMT tool?
  2. Fount4inhead

    MN gone from list with upgrade 13.2

    MN is not showing in MN list after updating to 13.2, do the MN configurations need to be changed to a new format?
  3. Fount4inhead

    Economic Considerations.

    Dash was never originally designed for what its evolved into today as a dao. Because of this what happens to core funding, the proposal system and to MN ownership as supply runs down. If we consider MN ownership as an investment, average investment on the S&P 500 is about 10% for the last...
  4. Fount4inhead

    Dashcentral voting error

    I have verified my masternode on dashcentral.org, it gives me the green verified text but when I vote it goes through ok but then later I get the message History: 1 yes votes on 2017-05-22 09:22. Status: completed (Error with 1 votes. Please check your privkeys!) Any ideas how to resolve this?
  5. Fount4inhead

    ATMs South Korea?

    Going South Korea are there any ATMs for getting some won?
  6. Fount4inhead

    Dashcentral issues.

    Hi I am having a few issues voting maybe someone can help. On dashcentral under my MN it says Status: Warning: We did not receive a remote data update since more than 15 minutes. Please check your DashCentral push script. And my votes are not going through get the error message History: 1...
  7. Fount4inhead

    Dash Charity Fund

    Instead of having the 5 Dash for proposals be burnt, have them added to a charity fund on the blockchain. Also if its true that the budget gets burnt if not spent have this also added to the fund. Create a separate system for charity requests to be submitted then users(evolution?)/nodes can vote...