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  1. wal

    is there a dash core signed?

    Is there a version of dash core for windows that is signed? It doesnt seem too big a job to sign the executable
  2. wal

    walletpassphrase not working as expected

    In the docs located in the debug console the `walletpassphrase` docs state: Note: Issuing the walletpassphrase command while the wallet is already unlocked will set a new unlock time that overrides the old one. However when you try entering the passphrase the 2nd time (before your timeout)...
  3. wal

    is HD support still considered 'experimental' ?

    The first mention of this feature I found is the 12.2 release Since then I see no mention of it in the build release notes for each subsequent build. It is not listed as experimental in the docs which describe how to use it If it is experimental could you please elaborate on possible ramifications.
  4. wal

    block is taking a long time

    This data taken from cryptoid.info I am wondering why there were blocks every minute and now its been 17 minutes (and counting) with no block? 76334217 minutes84.2 kB90.89369707 DASH19.7 MXvhExSNNr97U1... 76334119 minutes1717.0 kB61.0545225 DASH19.7 MXcHawKrATqHhW... 76334020 minutes1516.6...