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  1. Dash4Ever

    No masternode payout almost 2 weeks now, suggestions?

    Hey all awsome dashy people! I've bin running my masternode without any issues for about 2 weeks without any downtime. Dashninja looks all good and no hijacked payouts. Today I also logged onto my VPS to dubble check all conf files, all looks in order. It even Greps it from the MN list. Would...
  2. Dash4Ever

    Pre-proposal: Trezor HW protective case!

    Hello all Dash members and guest readers! Since the first day I got my hands on my Trezor I felt that it was something that was missing. That's right, a cover for my trezor since it's so thin and fragile. Pretty much every one has it on the cellphones right?!? Since I own a 3D-Printer and know...
  3. Dash4Ever

    (Pre-Proposal) What is Dash? (videos) reaching out to swedish users

    Hey every one! :) I've been lately thinking about what can I do for Dash the currency / Dash community. I then came to think about all the videos off "what is dash?" in different languages. And there is none in Swedish speaking language. Pretty much all swedes know what bitcoin is, but when it...
  4. Dash4Ever

    Mail / push notification on incoming payments

    For starters think I ask, is the ability to receive notification of incoming payments? For example, if you have your wallet closed on the computer. A payment is made on any of your addresses, and you receive a sms / email / note. Would be very useful especially when you get an incoming payment...
  5. Dash4Ever

    Dash T-shirt design feedback!

    When I was drinking my morning coffeé this morning I got and idé about a Dash t-shirt design. Quickly opened up photoshop and started on my design. Results: My question is, is this an okay tshirt advocating Dash currency? Suggested improvements to the design? Thanks! / Dash4Ever
  6. Dash4Ever

    Dash Lottery / Give away! [Contest ends @ 24 december]

    Hello all dash friends! :) Long time ago since I was online on this forum, feels good to be back! Just wanted to say I posted a Dash lottery / give away on steemit. To support Dash and make some advertisement for the currency! Link...
  7. Dash4Ever

    Hur många svenskar har vi på Dash Forumet ? :)

    Hej! Mig veterligen är Dash inte jätte känt i Sverige, så vore intressant och veta hur många på forumet som är ifrån Sverige ? Kan börja med mig själv :D Investerade i Dash 2015, satte upp en Masternode i September. /Dash4ever
  8. Dash4Ever

    3D Printable logo / coin!

    Hey every1 ! :) Recently made a prototype / logo coin of dash. So if u have a 3D printer at home feel free to download and print! Uploaded at: https://pinshape.com/items/17492-3d-printed-dash-coin-logo-coin-cryptocurrency Enjoy this ? Feel free to tip me @...
  9. Dash4Ever

    Open a Dash store for gadgets / help

    Hello every one! I would like to open my own webshop that only accepts Dash as payment. I have a webbhotell and domain. I know how to design sites / html. Is there any one that knows how I can accept dash ? or make a example template for me ? For example, you see the product and dash/usd...
  10. Dash4Ever

    Dash is now more worth in USD then Litecoin!

    Right now im celebrating with some champaign :smile: as we can see Dash have passed LTC. Dash right now: Litecoin right now: I believe this is some great advertising for Dash. So what will happen with LTC ? are people selling off now ? its going down ?
  11. Dash4Ever

    Dash advertising in games ?

    Hey guys! I've been thinking about advertising Dash. What do you think about advertising in games? We can through this reaching out to many different people, appear on stream and e-games tournaments. Made a quick preview how it may look, this is CS:GO Do we know any game devolopers ? :)
  12. Dash4Ever

    Dash stickers advertisement

    Hi Every one :) I was going to do a little advertising for the Dash currency. This is by putting up advertising stickers in the town where I live (Sweden). This is the stickers I've made so far, going to use the swedish one. But I publice one in English aswell so you know what it says :)...