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  1. Nuancer

    Ledger Live Should Support Multisig Dash

    Does anybody know who is responsible for updating the Dash functionality within Ledger Live? It still can't send to multi signature Dash addresses beginning with 7....
  2. Nuancer

    Change Block Reward % from 45/45/10 to 42.5/42.5/15

    As the Dash DAO continues to scale up in time for Evolution, we are beginning to see the Dash Treasury full of competitive proposals, many of which are highly popular and would add value to the Dash Network, but will not be implemented due to lack of funds. Instead of funding these value-adding...
  3. Nuancer

    pre-PreProposal: Dash membership in Electronic Freedom Foundation

    Hi Jim, Thank you for bringing EFF up as a possible non-profit we could sponsor. I personally support the mission of the EFF and see the alignment with Dash's mission. However, this donation amount is a substantial commitment, representing nearly 5% of Dash's monthly budget, and I am not sure...