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    Dash merchants directory: WE LOVE DASH

    Hi community! Currency does not exist without merchants! Last month I've been busy with researching and developing Dash merchants directory: https://welovedash.com/ Currently is listed 143 merchants. I think this is the biggest dash merchant directory. If I miss anyone, send me an email...
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    I would like to earn some Dash's

    Hi! Is there any way for me to help Dash team? I would like to earn some Dash's. I'm from Slovenia. Best Regards! Marko
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    Embed darkcoin chart from coinmarketcap.com

    Is it possible? Bg!
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    MN donations

    I am collecting darks to set up MN in Slovenia. Any help from community much appreciated. I am willing to donate earnings from MN back! XjzufbYd55YFm9qGQjm5NBFnAYMD9QKE7m
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    X11 pro miner

    Why aren`t any x11 pro miners on the market? (hardware that could mine with 1 Ghz hashrate). Is x11 algorithm so hard to implement into hardware?
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    DARK chat wallet

    I am new to this forum and want to say Hi! What do you say to idea: Encrypted anonymous dark chat between two addresses, integrated in wallet? Should DEVS consider this in future?