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  1. stonehedge

    A warning to you all.

    Cross posted from BCT Hi All, I’m making an extremely difficult public statement to hopefully provide a warning to the Dash community. On Sunday morning I managed to lose all of my Darkcoins on Directbet dice. The total loss was 28,000DRK and represents all of my holdings. My mistake was...
  2. stonehedge

    WTS Omega Geneve Seamaster De Ville Auto

    As some of you might know, I am in the process of setting up an online watch shop (DRK and BTC only) selling luxury, vintage or collectable watches. Prices will from £50 to £10,000+. As discussions with my suppliers continue, I thought I'd make a little history and sell a watch for DRK...
  3. stonehedge

    v0.11.0 - Darkcoin Core Release

    How about something like this? Sorry it is messy, I only have Visio 2003 on this PC and I'm in between meetings. I've deliberately not included decision gates or made assumptions on who would make up the various groups/teams. I've also omitted Quality Management but other than that its pretty...
  4. stonehedge

    v0.11.0.x Core Testing

    Little cosmetic fix required here...
  5. stonehedge


  6. stonehedge

    100 Gh/s Rig for Rental?

    Totally banned. Over 100,000 invalid shares in less than an hour.
  7. stonehedge

    v0.10.17.x Testing

    I've also had a few of these while I've not even been using the QT
  8. stonehedge

    v0.10.17.x Testing

  9. stonehedge

    Stonehedge is back!

    It isn't really a question of could it work, more of a question of how could you do it? A fully loaded blade chassis is a very dense device with no room to gain entry to the CPU heatsinks without interrupting airflow. In fact, airflow is king when it comes to DC cooling. This is an extract...
  10. stonehedge

    Please Update To v10.14.1 - Masternode Security Update

    Please note that this is 10 masternodes on a C3.large
  11. stonehedge

    If my wife turns up...

    ...don't tell her where all our money has gone :confused:
  12. stonehedge

    ec2 multiple remote nothing MN(max 5)

    I can't easily quote monthly figures because I have many instances doing many different things in my AWS account. What I can say is that last month, the most that I was charged for a T2.medium with 6 masternodes was $1.58 per day. My monthly bandwidth fee was $7 (but that includes all manner...
  13. stonehedge

    Total n00b question - AMD R9 270

    Hi, I don't mine and don't have any illusions of it being viable to mine with a solo GPU. However...could somebody advise on the best version of sgminer and config to maximise hashing power of this GPU? I'm just doing some proof of concept work in conjunction with the official darkcointalk...
  14. stonehedge

    Official Blockchain Explorer

    Hi, Does anybody know when this will be back up? Thanks
  15. stonehedge

    Multiple Network Interfaces on T2.medium - A small bounty challenge!

    10 DRK to the person who can solve this Linux networking problem for me! I have six masternodes running on one T2.medium using chaeplin's excellent guide which can be found here https://darkcointalk.org/threads/ec2-multiple-remote-nothing-mn-max-5.1660/ Both CPU and network resources are...
  16. stonehedge

    Hot wallet masternodes - are they that unsafe?

    Hi, If somebody is running a masternode under the following conditions: Hot wallet on masternode server Wallet encrypted with 48+ random character/number passphrase All ports other than 9999 closed apart from 22 to own static IP when access is needed. Wallet backed up regularly. Bash cleared...
  17. stonehedge

    Happy Sunday!

    Happy Sunday our fellow DRKers! Hope you have a nice relaxing day dreaming of dark success. Mr & Mrs Stonehedge
  18. stonehedge

    Addnode in darkcoin.conf

    Can anybody tell me what the benefit of including similar to the following in your darkcoin.conf files? Addnode= XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX Addnode= YYY.YYY.YYY.YYY Addnode= ZZZ.ZZZ.ZZZ.ZZZ I can see from the documentation that this attempts to keep connections alive to the specified nodes...but why is...
  19. stonehedge

    ec2 multiple remote nothing MN(max 5)

    Some observations. Chaeplin's guide is really good. These are the two things I learned: 1) Look out for the typos in his iptables...there are couple of whitespaces missing ;) 2) If any of the IPs cannot be assigned, the whole allocation as defined in rc.local fails. In my case, I spent...
  20. stonehedge

    debug.log - What is normal?

    So...I am just starting to familiarise myself with debug.log on my masternodes. The majority of the content seems pretty negative such as: 2014-09-01 20:56:42 dseep: Signature rejected, too far into the past CTxIn(COutPoint(482eb7b0826225e34874c57e19a619fa514941d2e64c5a372a3c70600c294142, 1)...