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    Ryan Taylor's AMA

    Why is there no announcement from DCG about Ryan Taylor's AMA, currently in progress, here on the forum??
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    Pre-Proposal: Solving the 'Free Money' treasury problem

    Solving the 'Free Money' treasury problem: Other than funding developers and some early progress in venezuela, the Dash treasury has proven largely ineffective over the long term. Anyone being honest and objective can see that. Millions and millions of dollars worth of dash has been handed out...
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    MNO incentives

    Hello Dash community, A couple cycles ago I submitted a proposal aimed at incentivizing greater MNO participation in evaluating and voting on proposals. It received almost zero comments on the forums, and a few weeks later I submitted it anyway. It went down in flames, and while I'm out 5 dash...
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    Pre-proposal: Grant to masternodes all leftover treasury funds each cycle.

    Pre-proposal: Grant to masternodes all leftover treasury funds each cycle. It seems to me the relatively higher than usual level of participation of a few dedicated MNOs indicates an increased level of impatience and agitation with the project's place and progress. In my opinion it is not...
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    Vote for Dash on LocalCryptos

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    Privatesend on Evo

    Will it be possible to use a DAPI based light wallet for trustless mixing? Will it be possible without needing to create an identity? Edit: According to the release notes, the answer to both of these questions seem to be yes. Privatesend on Android and IOS will be a giant step...
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    DCG Compensation Proposal Double-dipping

    Sorry for the imflammatory title, but wanted to attract attention to this, although it is likely accidental. @glennaustin @ryantaylor Glenn, you recently submitted a new proposal for compensation, which is fine: https://www.dashcentral.org/p/dash-core-group-compensation-march---apr Yet, the...
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    Dashpay reddit, Basilpop needs to go.

    Basilpop is the moderator of the Dashpay reddit. He needs to go. You know it, I know it, we all know it. Time to move on, Basilpop.
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    Light wallets for MN collateral, MN shares, POS staking

    Are plans in place to develop a light desktop wallet? Eventually the blockchain will be hundreds of gigs, then terabytes of data. Are there plans to allow the masternode collateral wallet to be a light client? This could also apply to any future masternode share wallets and POS staking wallets...
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    GitHub confirms it has blocked developers in Iran, Syria and Crimea

    Source: https://techcrunch.com/2019/07/29/github-ban-sanctioned-countries/ This could be catastrophic to dash if the US government decides to target cryptocurrencies. What does DCG have in place in case of loss of access to github? Are the dash repositories synced to any censorship-resistant...